The girl who sat next to me – Part-7

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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“Ok you tell how you want your husband or boyfriend to be. Possessive of you or not?”

She remained silent without giving me an answer. So I didn’t pester her more.


We didn’t discuss about it after coming home. I didn’t want to piss her off that too especially at that time when she was pregnant. I asked her a lot of times to take medical leave but she postponed it till her seventh month.

I was very afraid that time. I didn’t let her anywhere alone. I annoyed her a lot but I didn’t want to take risk.

The D-day came finally. We opted for caesarean as per doctors’ advice. I was trembling while signing the papers. I never used to like hospital atmosphere so I don’t go there even if it’s of prime importance but that day I was roaming here and there in front of the operation theatre. The red light there had stopped my life momentarily. At last the good news came at 12:30 mid night. It was a baby girl.

I remember those moments exactly. I was wearing white shirt. I lifted my darling who was drenched in blood. I was the first one to see her and lift her. Felt very proud that day as if I’ve won a world cup. In fact it was bigger than world cup. I haven’t washed the white shirt yet. I’ve kept it as a memento.

After losing my family, friends and relatives I felt like being alive only after she was born. She was our adorable little angel. It felt so good seeing her grow up. After a couple of months we named her ‘Nivedita’. The reason for this name, well, the same reason after which every guy names their first born girl.


“You’re not going to ask me why I named her as such?” I asked Rashmi.

“I know.  You don’t have to explain” said she and smiled.


After 6 months Neema got an assignment for which she had to travel to New York for a month. She called me from her office. I thought of cutting the call and calling her back but I was afraid to do so. I didn’t have time to fight then. Had a team meeting in half an hour so picked up her call.

“Hey guess what?” Neema seemed to be very excited. It’s very rare.

“Yea temmewassup”

“I got an assignment which I’ve been vying for the past 1 year”

“Wow great” I said without any emotion not knowing what it was about.

“One month in U.S. Great isn’t it?”


“What what? Isn’t it great?”

“It’s great alright but what about Nive who’ll take care of her”

“Come on Vikram my parents are there at home and you can come home early. Just one month.”

“You know I’ve got a release in 3 weeks how do you expect me to come home early? And I know how your mom baby sits.”

“So it’s only men who should work and we should sit home and feed the babies all the time huh? And don’t you dare talk about mom like this”

“Neema don’t raise your voice. Can’t you take this after a month after my release gets over?”

“No I’m going now and it’s decided I’ve even arranged for the tickets I just thought of sharing my happiness but you spoilt the whole mood”

“Then why bother telling me,” I retorted.

“Yes I shouldn’t have,” said she and cut the call.

She left the city the very next day. I begged for work from option from my manager and got my company laptop. For me people are more important than project. I knew I would be facing problems once I get back to office but I didn’t want to let Nive feel alone.

Yes it was tough doing household chores but it was good to hold Nive close to my chest all the time. I started loving all the kids once I got a kid. All her mischiefs brought back the zeal in my life.

I did something else too in that one month. As I had a lot of free time I wrote a story and posted in my office forum. It felt good to go back in time. Live a youngster’s life again. Unexpectedly the story got great response which became a problem at home when Neema came back.

Neema came back home after a month without informing anyone. As soon as she came she threw a set of papers on my face and asked me, “What the f**k is this?”

“Neema, Nive is around mind the language”

“She is not going to understand but what you’ve done is you’ve compared your wife with some other guy. I didn’t know that you are such a pervert. How could you even think like this?”

Only when I picked up those papers I came to know what she was talking about. It was my story I wrote in that one month.

“But how you got this?” I asked her.

“Yea you’d be surprised. Losers love story is it? Now I feel bad for marrying this loser. I don’t know why I accepted. I sympathized on you. I didn’t want you to feel like loser. I still can’t believe how you can compare me with Harish. We’ve been good friends for so long”

“Neema it’s just a story why are you exaggerating?”

“Today you write about me in a story I don’t know what all you’ll do to gain publicity. Who knows you may even sell me to someone if you’re in real need”

I slapped her. There was a moment of silence. Neema pressed her hand strongly against her left cheek. Nive began to cry. I lifted her and consoled her.

“Nive nothing ma, Nive see there ChottaBheem is lifting the elephant” Said I pointing to T.V.

Neema was crying at the other end. Before I could realize she started walking out of the room.

“Neema sorry I did it in a fit of rage. Neema wait” I shouted having Nive in hand. Neema hurried down the stairs.

“Even my dad has not laid hands on me. How dare you. Get lost” said she and went off.

I kept on calling her mobile but she didn’t pick up. I went to her home to talk to her but she didn’t open the door.

From one end of the door I literally begged her to come back.

“Neema I’m sorry it’s my mistake I shouldn’t have slapped you” said I.

Meanwhile Neema’s dad who was there at their house took me by collar and said, “Did you slap my daughter? How dare you? I gave my daughter and all riches to you hoping that she’ll be happy but you slap her and throw her out of house”

I wanted Neema to come out and say that it’s a husband and wife problem but she didn’t.

“I did slap her but I didn’t chuck her out of my house and I’m sorry for that. But just because my wife is your daughter you can’t hold my collar and ask questions sir” said I.

“Oh is it. Yes it’s my mistake to have given my daughter to such a selfish loser. Get off my daughter you b*****d”

“Mind your words sir. Just now I laid hands on your daughter I’m already feeling bad for that. Don’t provoke me and make me hit you. I’m sure I won’t feel sorry then,” said I.

As soon as I said those words Neema sprang out of the door and gave me a stern look. Her eyes were bulgy due to excessive tears.

“Neema I’m sorry it wouldn’t happen hereafter” said I, “let’s go to our house.”

“This is my house Vikram and its over”

“What are you talking? One story of mine can’t break our relationship. Don’t be so foolish. Come let’s go home”

“Only now I’m clear Vikram. It’s over and that’s it.”

Nive was happily playing with a paper weight without knowing what was happening. They tried to get hold of her too but I took her and went to my room. Yes room. It’s not a home anymore without Neema.



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