The girl who sat next to me – Part-6

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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“Ok ok I was just kidding. Let’s go. I don’t think we can go hereafter?” said she pinching my cheek. She had never been romantic. At least not romantic enough for me. I expected a lot out of marriage but it was a simple boring affair.


“Just four months into marriage and you say it’s boring huh? What do you guys expect? All time party huh?” She said her feminist nature coming to the fore.

“Why are you getting so angry? Let me go with the flow otherwise I’ll forget. Then you’ll ask me why I didn’t tell the story in chronological order”

“Ok fine continue”


“Why we can’t?” I asked as a matter of fact.

“Surprise. I’ll tell you at the right time”

We set off for the movie but as soon as we took off our car broke down. I decided to take a bus and go to Adyar and from there an auto or bus. But Neema insisted on auto for the whole journey.

“Neema that guy will ask 500 bucks. I don’t want to spend 500 bucks for an auto” I said to her.

“It’s ok I’ll give” She said.

“It’s not about your money or my money I just don’t feel like giving 500 bucks just like that” I said meanwhile bus came. We both boarded the bus locking the car aside there.

“This is the first time I’m coming by bus” she said and sat down. Our bus soon became crowded and a pregnant woman was standing near us without a seat.

“Vikram get up and give her seat” Neema said.

“Why should I? It’s not even a ladies seat”

“Don’t you have even basic sympathy? You get up or should I get up”

“Ok sit I’ll get up” said I and got up very irritated.

We reached the theatre just before the show.

“Sorry” That was the first time she asked me sorry. I could see many changes in her that day

“Why?” I asked.

“For what happened in bus”

“Ok leave it. But if I’m going to stand of my old age in bus no one’s gonna give me seat. I know that” I said in a pretty irritated tone.

She didn’t reply. The movie started and in a while, she grabbed my right hand, slept on my shoulder and slowly whispered, “Vikram…”

“What?” I asked her deeply immersed in movie.

“Turn to my side” she said. “Give me your hand,” she took my hand and placed it in her tummy. I couldn’t feel anything but I clearly pictured what was about to come.

She blushed. She looked way too beautiful than she ever had. I kissed her and took her for a spin with all the people watching us.

That was one exciting moment. Every guy knows when a woman suddenly becomes or acts sweet after a period of 4 months after marriage what the news is. But no matter what I was thrilled by the very thought of being called ‘daddy’ by a kid.

“Vikram don’t behave like a kid. You’re going to get one soon”

I was so damn happy that I didn’t know what to do. We went to an ice cream parlor and had heaps and heaps of her favorite butterscotch ice cream.

The next day after office she came home tired. “Hey why don’t you quit. You can join once our kid grows up” asked I.

“Why do all husbands want their wife to quit?”

“I don’t know about that but I want you to be safe”

“I’m really happy that you care but I don’t want to quit now” she said pinching my cheeks again. I loved her new found habit and we became a lot more intimate because of our yet to be born kid.

“Ok I’ll pick you up from tomorrow. I don’t want you to come in your crowded company bus”

“Ok Mr. Caring Darling” she said and went to sleep.

She called me the next day at around 5. I cut the call and called her back from my office phone.

“Why did you cut?” she asked me.

“To call from my office phone” said I.

“Why are you behaving like this Vikram it’s ok to spend one rupee for a call”

“Ok ok now tell me shall I start”

“Ya come here around 6”

Her office was about half an hour from mine but I started at 5. I was roaming around her office. I could see a familiar face from a distance. He was fat with black rimmed specs and was watching something so intently.

I went closer to see whether I could identify him. He scrutinized me with his look for a couple of minutes and then we both cried in unison, “What the *Beep*?” We both gave a huge bear hug.

“Raj how are you man” I asked him.

“I’m great. How the hell are you? What the hell happened to you? We lost touch altogether” Raj said. His happiness was clearly visible.


“Hmm” We both were looking at each other and smiling without knowing what to talk.

“How is Arun?” I asked him

“Don’t know man. This project work. I couldn’t do anything. By the by how come you’re here”

“I came to pick up my wife”

“Wife. F****a you’re married? You didn’t even invite me for your marriage.”

“It’s a big story dude will explain some other time. Give me your number first” said I and we exchanged our numbers.

“When did you join this office?” I asked him.

“It’s been two years.”


“Nothing’s great. You tell me how’s married life?”

“So far so good and now she’s pregnant”

“Atta boy I know you would be perfect in these things” He made me blush.

“Dude please…”

“Ok what are you doing here?” I asked him.

“Here’s this salsa class you see. All chicks join and dance. Come let’s watch” he pulled me to the place.

“No man I got to pick up my wife”

“Oh don’t act as if you’re an obedient husband. Just come and have a look. I’m planning to try for a girl there.” saying so he pulled me to that place.

“You see there red one. 12’o clock, 1’o clock, no  no 2’o clock. Damn they keep on moving” he pointed out. All of them were moving in a circular fashion while dancing.

Seeing me shocked he asked, “How is she? Great na?”

“Ya great” said I and was standing there.

“Hey you’ve come so soon,” said the girl in red dress to me.

“How come you know her man? I’m planning to get her. Don’t you dare interfere” he murmured in my ear.

“Neema what are you doing here?” I shouted at her.

“Why are you shouting? I was just dancing”

“Just dancing? With these many guy? How long you’ve been doing this?” I asked her angrily.

“For the past one month”

“One month and you didn’t tell me”

“Don’t be a kid Vikram I can’t tell you everything that’s happening. Even I have a personal life”

“But you are my wife Neema I expect to know at least something further you’re pregnant now”

“I know what to do Vikram” said she and walked away.

“Dude what is happening here?” asked Raj who was standing and looking at our conversation quite perplexed.

“That’s my wife Neema” said I.

“Oh sorry dude” said he and escaped from that place.


Our bus came to a sudden halt. The jerk woke up almost everyone in the bus. Only when we enquired the driver we came to know that the break system has jammed and he informed us it’d take at least half an hour to get it ready.

Me, Rashmi and a whole lot of people got down from the bus. The road was deserted with absolutely no lights. We settled on a low parapet wall along the road.

“Tell me why you were so angry that time?” Rashmi asked me as soon as we got down.

“Then how do you expect me to react. I’m possessive. I don’t want my wife to dance with random guys”

“Come on! You seem to be a forward thinker but now you’re taking like a chauvinist”

“I don’t really get it. Many said that girls like protective guys. Then why didn’t Neema like me being protective?”

“Protective in the sense girls like guys being behind them but they also need a personal space. Ok you tell me will you like if Neema comes when you’re in a pub with your buddies”

“I’ve quit smoking and drinking for her”

“Oh then I don’t have an answer”

“Ok you tell how you want your husband or boyfriend to be. Possessive of you or not?”

She remained silent without giving me an answer. So I didn’t pester her more.



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