The girl who sat next to me – Part-5

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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“Your locket is nice” I said to her looking at her leaf shaped pendant.

She took it up saw it herself in instinct and said “Thanks. Now start”

“Wait give me some time to settle”

“How much. Two years? Ha ha” we both laughed at a rather silly joke.


My first night outside my home was the toughest. Though I didn’t know how to feel about it sure was tough. I sat on the parapet wall bordering Besant Nagar beach. I thought of calling Neema and informing but then I thought it’d be better to handle the situation alone.

I took a low rent room in Triplicane and stayed there for a couple of days then I rented a house near my office. I had lost touch with almost all the friends in the meantime so didn’t have any company whatsoever.

Neema called me that weekend. “Won’t you call me if I don’t call you?” was her first question.

“I’m in a terrible mess Neema”

“Huh you always say so. Ok what about our marriage. Did you ask your parents?”

“That was what I’m about to tell you. Shall we meet somewhere?”

“No I’ve some project work so I’m not free this weekend. You tell me now. Did you ask or not?”

“Ya I did and I’m not staying with them anymore”

“Why? What happened all of a sudden?”

“Nothing. Don’t ask me about that” I said expecting her to ask me about it which she didn’t.

“Ok then come home”


“Ya come home you can be here”

“What about your parents. What’ll they say?”

“Oh they won’t mind”

“Then what the hell will they mind?” I thought to myself.

“No Neema I can’t”

“Ok I’ll talk about our marriage and we’ll settle this soon. I don’t want you to stay alone. Love you. Bye”

“What? What did you say?” I wasn’t sure of what I heard.

“I said I don’t want you to stay alone”

“No you said love something?” I asked her.

“Oh yes love you. Is it a big deal?”

“It is. For me it is” I said while cutting the call.

It wasn’t a big deal to convince Neema’s parents. They didn’t interfere much. Neema just informed about the marriage and they said ok. That too her dad came to our marriage only on the day of marriage.

Our marriage was a very simple affair. Just 12 people in registrar’s office and then a grand reception in Royal Meridian hosted by Neema’s dad. But no one was there to attend the function. I didn’t fit into their league at all but Neema looked stunning in her full length black gown, diamond necklace and stuff so I was looking in awe at her as always.

I felt so proud when she stood next to me holding hands. I never thought that I would be a husband of such a beautiful girl. Never in my life had I been that much proud.

That was the day I first met her dad. “Wish you a happy married life young man.” Said he in a typical wise man’s tone.

“Thanks uncle” said I.

“Here’s a gift for you” He said and handed me a bunch of keys.

“No uncle already I’m feeling inferior that I couldn’t do anything for our marriage now I don’t want to burden myself with these car keys”

“It’s not car key gentleman it’s the key for your future. A triple bed room flat just beside our house. A small gift from our behalf” he said one hand with one hand his wife’s shoulder. They were rich it was clearly evident and these rich people have a style of their own.

Neema insisted me to accept it so I had to. That evening we sat and planned for our honeymoon. Yes we were now a married couple, in just four months.

“Why don’t we go to Venice?” she said as a matter of fact.

“My total bank balance is 4 lakhs 32 thousand. I’ve to build a future from that money. I can’t afford Venice. Neema lets plan something small”


“No. Singapore is not possible. It’s something personal”

“If it has to fit within your budget we can go only to Pondicherry”

I thought it was a good idea. According to me Pondicherry beaches were romantic but couldn’t say that to her. “No we’ll go somewhere else”

“See I earn four times your salary. Then there is dad so what’s the problem”

“That’s the problem. I want to take you somewhere with my money Neema. Only then I’ll be satisfied”

“Ok then you yourself tell me where to go?”

“What about Andaman?”

“I wanted to go to some foreign place”

“It’ll be like a foreign country. Quite romantic too! What say?”

“I don’t have much of a choice. Its ok arrange it soon”

The one week we stayed in Andaman was pure delight especially Havelock island. It’s a paradise for young couples. We stayed there for three days in sun soaked beaches playing in water all the time and taking a long walk every now and then. I even tried to teach Neema how to ride a bicycle but she found Java easier than bicycle. The logic behind that I couldn’t understand till now.

In addition to all the adventures, we went to see tribes one day with an NGO friend of mine. Neema became terribly afraid seeing them. She clasped my arms so tight it stopped the blood flow. Even I couldn’t have done much if they had attacked us with their spades and claws but it was the first time I saw her getting genuinely afraid and I felt like hero holding her close to me.


“That’s it? It’s your honeymoon tell me more. I’m sure you’d have had great moments” asked Rashmi.

“Ha ha. We had yes but purely in bed performing bedroom athletics.” I guess I blushed.

“Hmm hmm someone is blushing”

“No really we didn’t go out anywhere. Instead of going to Andaman we could have stayed in our bedroom itself. At least I would have saved 50,000. But I must say of all the things that is hyped in this world only sex lived up to its expectation”

“Vikram enough I guess we better censor this part”

“You See Rashmi that’s why I stopped there”

“It’s Rashmi as in Rush Me not Rash Me”

“Oh ok thanks for informing I’m particular about pronunciation. Some call me Vigram I hate it.”

“Ya me too” She smiled back.

“Ok now I’ll rush you with my story”

“Yea but don’t be rash”. Our jokes were increasingly becoming boring. I reminded myself that I’m 30 and I can’t compete with hippies.


Things were smooth for 3-4 months after marriage. She pressurized and made me buy a small car mostly out of her money. One day we planned to go to Prathana drive in theatre.

“Can’t we go for morning show? I’ve to sleep early. I will have lots of work tomorrow in office” said Neema.

“Neema it’s an open air theatre how will we be able to watch the movies during day time?” asked I.

“Can’t you go alone please I’m not interested at all.”

“Ok let’s not go” I said angrily.

“Ok ok I was just kidding. Let’s go. I don’t think we can go hereafter?” said she pinching my cheek. She had never been romantic. At least not romantic enough for me. I expected a lot out of marriage but it was a simple boring affair.


“Just four months into marriage and you say it’s boring huh? What do you guys expect? All time party huh?” She said her feminist nature coming to the fore.

“Why are you getting so angry let me go with the flow otherwise I’ll forget. Then you’ll ask me why I didn’t tell the story in chronological order”

“Ok fine continue”



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