The girl who sat next to me – Part-4

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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“How was the movie Vikram” asked my mom

“Mega flop mom”

“Ok come let’s have dinner”

“I’m not hungry mom I’m tired let me sleep”

“I was waiting for you without having my dinner and now you say that you’re not hungry”

“Mom how many times I’ve asked you not to wait. Ok come let’s eat”

She became very happy. I don’t know what’s with these moms who are so happy to feed their children.


 “Hmm so day gone wrong huh?” asked Rashmi.

“Yes somewhat?”

“Tell me how beautiful your Neema is? From the way you describe I think she looks great. Do you have a pic of her?” she asked me. Every girl gets curious about the other girl.

“Not now but yes she is a genuine beauty. It’s not an I.T. syndrome”

 “I.T. Syndrome?”

“Oh you don’t know that. It’s like there used to sit a girl next to a guy. First the guy feels she is the worst girl he has ever seen. After a couple of months he thinks she is ok. After a year he thinks that she is the best. They both marry. She goes to onsite and then that’s it”

“You are funny.”

“No really it happens. Ask any I.T. guy especially married guys.”

“haha ok”

“Hey am I spoiling your sleep”

“No not at all I’m very curious to hear the rest of the story”

“Ok let me continue then”

“Do it right away”


I was put in a worst possible situation. Neema said she won’t talk with me until and unless she knows the marriage date.

I decided to talk about this on a Friday evening with my family when everybody would be relaxed.

My sister and mom were watching some reality show. I couldn’t concentrate. My dad was busy taking notes of that day’s Economic Times.

“Did you see the review today in Madras plus. ET has blasted the movie. Here read it.” He said and continued taking notes.

“Dad” I called him out.

“Hmm” he said without taking his eye of the paper.

“Dad, mom listen here. I’ve something important to tell. Jhanvi switch off the TV”

“They all turned back and stared at me”

“Switch off the TV Jhanvi”

“huh” My sister let out a sigh and switched it off.

“Dad, mom I’m in love. Now wait. Please don’t react all of a sudden. I know you’ll be shocked but she’s a great girl and you all will like her”

“Vikram” My mom shrieked.

“It’s not happening” said my dad.

“Dad but you didn’t even ask her name”

“We know what to do Vikram. We’ll get you an even better girl”

“Dad she is the best. You can’t find a better girl for me. Look at me who’ll marry a loser like me. Making Neema love me is the only achievement I’ve made”

“Don’t think like that you don’t know your value” said my dad.

“Dad for once lets deal with it. I know I’m a bum you know I’m a bum the whole world knows I’m a bum. I’m not as fair as my mom, I’m not as brainy as you, I’m not as hard working as Jhanvi. I’ve been a loser my entire life. Marrying Neema will really make me happy dad. Please understand”

My sister was looking at me as if she had seen a ghost. Probably no one in my family had seen me talking like this.

“That girl has spoilt you,” said my dad.

“Now don’t involve her. Talk to me”

“See now itself you’re talking against me then what’ll happen after marriage”

“Dad enough! You either let me marry her or I get out of the house”

“I won’t let you marry her at any cost”

“Thanks dad for being true at least once. Bye once for all”

No one cried. Dad left out of the hall. Mom tried to console me. Jhanvi didn’t have anything to tell. I didn’t have anything to pack. I haven’t bought anything out of my money. I was sad but I didn’t break down.

It was only when I left the portico with my bike standing alone there first drop of tears came in my eyes. I felt so bad leaving it behind but I know that I didn’t own it. I touched it for one last time and left the place.


“Are you crying?” I asked Rashmi.

“No” she said and cleared her tears.

“Oh no I wanted you to cheer up but now I’ve made you cry again”

“Let me stop here”

“No it’s ok continue”

“We’ll take a break. This bus will stop in a while. We’ll have something and then I’ll continue”


The bus came to halt in 5 minutes. We both got down and freshened up. Only then we saw each other’s face clearly. Rashmi was fair, slender and was slightly shorter than I expected. She had a nice straightened hair which I guess she’d have done recently. Her hair didn’t look like natural straight hair. I liked it no matter what.

We got into café coffee day.

“Nowadays even bus stops only at coffee day”

“Ha ha”

“Shall we have coffee”

“Yea I’ve to stay awake all night to hear your story. Let’s have it right away.” Said she and removed her hair band to let her hair loose. Pony tail suited her better with a few strands of hair coming in front from both the sides.

“I’m feeling bad really. It’s 1:30 and I haven’t let you sleep at all.”

“It’s ok you’re not forcing me I’m hearing it only on my own interest”

We settled in café coffee day. Though it wasn’t as neat as the ones in the city it was decent enough. From the glass door I saw two girls – whom I think would have met after a long time – hugged each other. I laughed seeing at them.

“Why are you laughing?” Rashmi asked sipping her coffee.


“Tell me na”

“Nothing really”

“Tell me tell me”

“Two girls hugged each other there right that’s what made me laugh”

“Why? What’s there to laugh in it?”

“Nothing leave it. How is the coffee?”

“Not bad. I don’t have coffee much.” She said. I was happy that I changed the topic.

“You said that you went to her house and came back without proposing right?” asked Rashmi.

“Yea inferiority complex”


“Hmm I was fat, dark at that time with no confidence whatsoever”

“You don’t have to really worry about being dark. Girls generally don’t mind color and you’re not that dark.”

“Oh is it? Temme what else girls don’t mind” I ridiculed her.

“No I’m not going to start a story now leave that. “


“And now you’re handsome.”

“With age comes maturity right. More than that Neema changed me. She made me go to that parlor Toni and Guy and shed thousands of rupees trying to make me look better. Then I went to gym. Did hardcore stuff for a couple of years so here I’m back in shape”

“Hmm. When did this happen? Why don’t you tell me everything in the chronological order?”

“Love is all about moments, no one remembers what happened in chronological order. Some moments now will trigger the past and that’s how one gets to remember them”

“Ok Sir” she said and laughed.

We got back into the bus. She tied her hair back and went back to her previous look. The driver switched off the white lights and turned on the fluorescent lamps. Only part of Rashmi’s face was visible. She looked pretty in that light. Her yellow dress added glitz.

“Your locket is nice” I said to her looking at her leaf shaped pendant.

She took it up saw it herself in instinct and said “Thanks. Now start”

“Wait give me some time to settle”

“How much. Two years? Ha ha” we both laughed at a rather silly joke.



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