The girl who sat next to me – Part-3

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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“I said I love you”

“Ok bye” She blushed and went away.


“haha the funniest proposal I’ve ever heard about,” said Rashmi. “But why Kesari?” She asked.

“Oh it was the only colorful thing in an otherwise colorless meal. That’s why”

“Hmm fine fine. Hah” she continued smiling.

“Yea I forgot to say I just bought a bike before she came back to office. Just a day before I met her after 2 years”


“Ya I thought my bike was my lucky charm. Many good things happened at that time”


“I was young, 24, at that time you see. So had all these thoughts”

“ya I understand. Ok continue the story”

“Ok fine”

“I had lot of plans but we couldn’t do much as lovers. She didn’t come out during day time saying that she’ll get sun stroke and night time she says she is uncomfortable so we didn’t do anything much as lovers but yeah one day I took her to Moonrakers”


“Hey it’s been two months since I proposed you. We both being lovers I guess we should do something substantial” said I to Neema in one of our late night telephonic conversation.

“Ok from tomorrow we’ll plant a couple of trees every day.” She used to beat me with her humor every time whereas it should’ve been the other way around.

“Neema be serious lets go out somewhere. Coffee this Saturday? What say”

“But we used to have coffee almost daily”

“Neema don’t irritate. You know what I mean. We’re going out for coffee this Saturday. No excuses”

“Ok fine let’s go but I won’t come in your bike. I’m afraid. I said right I once met with an accident while going with my uncle”

“I’m not ready to hear all this bull s**t. You’re coming and that’s an order”

“I won’t talk to you unless you mind your language”

“It’s just… Ok I won’t hereafter. Saturday morning 9’o clock be ready I’ll pick you up”

“I hope the weather won’t be harsh”

“Stop it Neema we’re going and that’s decided. Bye. Sleep for now.Cya”

“Ok good night. Cya”

“What? That’s it? Give me a kiss”

“haha. Don’t behave like a kid Vikram. Good bye”

“But we are lovers at least…..” she cut the call. “Huh…”

I was pretty much excited about that weekend. I water washed my super glossy bike again and again until I was sure that it glittered like a diamond.

I wore an all-black outfit which matched with my bikes color and started from my home at about 8.

“Where are you going this early in the morning and dressed like this” my mom asked.

“Movie mom.Sathyam. Will be late”

“Late? You didn’t tell me. I have prepared lunch for you too. I don’t know, you have to eat it”

“Should I come from Mahabali… I mean from Sathyam to eat your lunch. Dad is at home na. He’ll finish mine too. Bye I’m getting late”

My mom’s ever enchanting voice slowly disappeared while I got down to get my bike. Just sitting in my bike gave me pleasure. Made me feel like hero.Gave me a whole lot of confidence.


“Why all guys are so obsessed with bike?” Rashmi interrupted in the middle.

“What?” Due to her sudden interruption I didn’t get her question.


“That’s a guy thing. That was my first bike so automatically I was obsessed with it. ”

“Ok ok continue”

“Ok where I left?

“Moms scolding. Bike”


“Ya I took my bike and went to her place well before time”


I waited there at her place about half an hour. It was nine when I called her. She came out of her house in black kurthi and pink leggings. She looked incredible yet again. She had done something with her hair. French plight I guess.

“Wow you look gorgeous” I said as she came near to me.

“How many times will you tell this?”

“But girls do love to get compliments”

“Yes but you’re overdoing”

“I can’t help. You are gorgeous all the time. I’ve to tell my love that every time I meet.”

“Ok dude let’s get started” Haven’t I said before that I love her when she dudes me.

“Wait! Bring your dupatta”

“Dupatta shouldn’t be worn with this dress”

“It’s ok bring it. Bring at least some shawl”

“I’ve one in my bag but why?”

“I’ll tell you”

“Ok where’s an extra helmet? Didn’t I say that I won’t come without a helmet? I don’t wanna fall down again”

“Ok have this”

“For you”

“I don’t need”

“What if you get caught by police? Or break your head. I don’t want to marry a headless Nick”

“I’ll manage that. Shall we go?” That was the first time I hated my bike for not having a kick starter. It’d have been a lot more heroic than pushing the start button.

Luckily for us there wasn’t heavy traffic that day. The drive was smooth.

“Neema you know what?” I asked her and continued. “This was my life time ambition to have a girl as pillion rider”

“Great! What an ambition. You’ll really prosper in life. Good that you didn’t buy one of those bikes with high rise pillion seat. This is lot more comfortable”

“I know but I would have preferred that”

“Idiot” She hit me in a teasing manner.

“Won’t you hug me?” I asked



“I’m a cultured girl I don’t do all these non-sense”

“Then all the girls who hug there boys are uncultured huh?”

“In a way yes”


“Yes I am”

We stopped at a petrol bunk at the start of ECR to fill the tank. I filled the tank fully to let her know that I’m spending a lot.

“Ok give me the helmet”

“What didn’t I say….” She started to say her usual dialogue but I stopped her in the middle.

“Only this stretch, wear your scarf. That’s why I wanted you to bring your scarf”

She wore her scarf and we hit the road again.

“One more aim got satisfied now”

“What’s that?”

“You wearing scarf and covering your face”


“Yea my first aim was to make a girl wear helmet then scarf”

“Do you have any other aim in your life?”

“Yes one more. Remove your scarf and hold it up. Let it fly”

“Are you serious?”

“I’m damn serious. Do it. Grant me my third wish too”

“Don’t be a kid Vikram. I’m not doing it”

I couldn’t convince her to do. We had a good time at Moonrakers. I enjoyed the day as much as I can. Though she didn’t like such a long drive she too was happy but it lasted only for a while.

“What about our marriage Vikram?”

“What?” I spit coffee on the table.

“Why are you shocked?”

“This is our first date. In fact first meet and you talk about marriage. You said you were not in a hurry right?”

“Ya but priorities change Vikram”

“Give me some time. We’re just 24 we have time. Let’s think about it later. Give me your hand”

I took her hand to caress but she immediately pulled it back.

“You’re going to talk or not.”

“I didn’t say I won’t. Give me some time”

“Ok when?”

“A couple of years hence”

“Bye. I’m going” She stood up and pretended to go.

“Wait what happened?”

“Talk to your parents and let me know by the next weekend. Now let’s go, it’s already late.”

“But my family is conservative I need some time to convince”

“All these dialogues should be said by me Vikram”

The return journey was a disaster. We didn’t talk at all. I left her in her home and came back to mine.

“How was the movie Vikram” asked my mom

“Mega flop mom”

“Ok come let’s have dinner”

“I’m not hungry mom I’m tired let me sleep”

“I was waiting for you without having my dinner and now you say that you’re not hungry”

“Mom how many times I’ve asked you not to wait. Ok come let’s eat”

She became very happy. I don’t know what’s with these moms who are so happy to feed their children.



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