The girl who sat next to me – Part-2

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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“She came back to office after a couple of years. After a long time I found her online that day. I had totally forgotten her by then”


 “Hi” Neema pinged.

“Hey hi how are you” I pinged her back surprised.

“I’m great. How are you” she asked me.

“I’m good too. Wassup then?”

“Nothing I’m back here in Chennai”

“Wow is it? That’s great. Let’s meet up during lunch”

“Yea sure”

“Hmm….” I typed without knowing what to talk.

“Ok then will meet you during lunch. Have some formalities to complete”

“Yea sure carry on” said I and got back into work. For a change I felt alive that day. I was so eager to meet her. It’s been 2 years but still I was affectionate towards her. I was confused with the sudden change in emotions. I restlessly waited till 12 and sped off to canteen as soon as the clock struck 12. I reserved her a place and waited there for about half an hour but she didn’t come. I texted her. I wasn’t sure whether she had the same number but still I went ahead and texted her.

“Hi when are you coming” The formal ‘hi’ before the actual message clearly explaining how much we’ve drifted apart.

She replied, “I’m on the way. Just a minute”

She came there in 5 minutes. She looked stunning in her violet salwar with contrast white dupatta. My jaw dropped and I stood up without my knowledge. She stood there opposite to me.

“Hieee” She greeted me with a big smile. Oh it’s been two years since I saw that mesmerizing smile.

“Look at you” I exclaimed clearing showing how happy I was to see her.

“Yea you are looking at me as if you are seeing a ghost” she said, her humor perfectly intact still.

“No I’m looking at you as if I’m seeing an angel”

“hmm hmmm” she said and hit me with her trademark smile yet again.

“Ok enough of flattering lets buy lunch. I’m dying to eat Indian food”

“Oh are you saying this? You were never fond of Indian food as far as I know”

“I know but it’s always like that isn’t it. Anything is valuable only in two different situations in life first before getting it and after losing it”

I gave a nod understanding the philosophy behind it. We both went and bought Katori meals. She relished an otherwise ordinary katori meals. I relished eating with her. I kept on looking at her. She reminded me of the day I went to her house and came back without proposing. I did so well till then to forget her but looking at her re kindled all my thoughts.

“Hey why are you staring at me” She asked. I took eyes of her and looked at the meals instinctively

“What happened?” She asked me yet again.

“Nothing. So tell me. How was metropolis?”

“Minneapolis Vikram,” said she and laughed. As soon as I start conversing with her I become a fool.

“Oh ok. How was it?”

“Good and bad.” I questioned her with my eyes.

“Good in the sense. Good environment. Great place to be. Bad hmmm too much work. I couldn’t even roam the city fully. I get so tired during weekdays so I sleep the whole of weekend”

“But you should have roamed about at least once. You won’t get to go there again”

“Yea I know. You tell me. How are you? Are you into project or still laundering?” she said with a smiling face.

“As soon as you went my lady luck went along with you. I got a project the very next day and I’m digging it out till now.”

“Hmm I have something to tell you”

“Oh what’s the surprise? Are you getting married?” I asked expecting a negative answer.

“ha ha. No. Not so soon. Come on… Something else” I was more than satisfied with her reply

“Ok what’s that then?”

“I’m quitting this job and joining the client’s local firm here so today is going to be my last day” she shocked me with that sentence.

“What?” I exclaimed.

That’s when I did what I never thought I’ll do. I took the Katori which had orange color rava kesari in it, knelt on the food table and did the bravest thing I have ever done till then.

“Neema I know I’m being foolish. I know I haven’t even shaved properly. I know I’m making the situation embarrassing. I know I don’t have the necessary charm. I know I don’t have style. I know I don’t have flowers but I do know that it’s now or never. Will you marry me?”

The whole crowd was staring at me. People with soiled plates in hand were looking at me as if I’m a buffoon. The people sitting next to me were having food in their hands but failed to eat them. I felt like the whole situation had frozen then.

“Vikram what you’re doing? Get down. People are watching”

“No you reply me first. Will you marry me?”

She stood there and thought for two whole minutes. She wanted me to get off the table but couldn’t.

“Neema my knee is paining and one leg of this table is not proper. I may trip down anytime but its ok you take your time and answer”

She sensed that I was clearly uncomfortable. “Ok get down,” she said.


“Get down man I’ll. Get down first.”

“Ok take this katori as an acknowledgment”

She took it and I got down to the applause of all the audience who were watching my hideous activity.

“I can’t eat here anymore come let’s get out of here. Everyone is laughing at us” she said and pulled me out of the canteen.

We went straight to café coffee day. There was only one table free and that was our regular place where we used to have our coffee and conversation. We settled there.

“What did you just do?” She asked staring at me. I couldn’t escape that glare.

“I’m sorry”

“You didn’t even ask me whether I love you or not. Directly to marriage huh?”

“Oh that means” I gave a huge grin.

“Idiot” She hit me with the menu card. People who were sitting next to us in canteen came to coffee shop. Neema closed her face with menu card.

As she couldn’t overcome the embarrassment she pulled me out of coffee day too.

“See you’ve put me in a worst possible situation on my last day here. We can’t go anywhere now”

“I know a place”


“There is a place near smoking zone which will be mostly deserted lets go there”

“Just now you proposed and within minutes you take me to a deserted place huh?” she teased me.

“It’s my life time ambition. I see so many couples sitting there and flirting. I thought I would never go that place and today being your last day let’s sit there for a couple of minutes”

“Fair enough”

We sat there and talked for half an hour and then she said she had to go.

“I’ve to go. I’ve to send this last day in the office mail you see”

“Ha ha ok” We both laughed and she went to her cubicle.

“I’ll complete the formalities and meet you in the evening bye”

“Love you”


“I said I love you”

“Ok bye” She blushed and went away.



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