A Loser’s Love Story – Part-9

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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My wet dress had begun to dry. I settled back to sleep for a while but when my bus went past hers I saw her laughing all of a sudden. It was because of that b*****d Harish.

“Does he always have to sit near her?”

“He wouldn’t have got any other seat” Selva tried to pacify me.

“Then why couldn’t he shut his a** and go. Why does he want to make fun of me?”

“Who said he’s making fun of you?”

“Yes they are making fun of me. Who else they would talk about”

“You are suffering from OCD dude, lets meet a psychiatrist soon” mocked Selva.

“My a**”

“he he. As soon as you get angry your profanity increases. It’s kinda funny. Ha ha” he mocked me yet again.

Though our bus sped past them I wasn’t able to sleep. Harish became my worst enemy for no reason. I loathed the sight of him and whenever I spot Neema he always used to be with her. That made things even worse.

The next couple of days I didn’t talk to Neema. It was all part of the plan. After lot of thought I decided that I’m going to surprise her on her birthday. I carefully sketched plans for it. The first part of the plan was to make her believe that I had forgotten her birthday and avoid talking with her till her birthday so that she would be surprised to see me on her birthday.

While I was explaining all this to Selva near our cubicle the next day he said “she would be surprised no matter what, if you jump her apartment’s compound wall at 12”

“If you don’t buy the idea at least keep quiet and let me think”

“Shall I tell you my secret of success?”

“No thanks”

“Listen, it’s not to think too much. Never think too much it only leads to confusion”

“Ok get lost now”

“You can’t be helped” he said and went to his cubicle.

The next part of my plan was to buy roses and champagne but as champagne didn’t fit into my budget I replaced it with greeting card. Till then I didn’t know that even a 2 page greeting card would cost Rs. 50 but I bought that thinking “after all she’s gonna be my wife”

I thought and thought about the birthday message but couldn’t come up with any catchy lines. I didn’t want to copy something from internet so I kept on thinking about it.

“Is this a big deal” Selva asked.

“It is”

“Ok write this” He scribbled in my notepad

“To my better than the best girl in my life.

Will you have coffee with me life long?


someone who thinks you’re terrific”

“Short and sweet, it’s enough” he said.

“How come you could come up with a line so easily?”

“How many times I would have written this. Ha ha”

“You moron I’m not going to write this”

In spite of thinking about a good verse day and night I couldn’t write anything so finally I decided to write what Selva said in my shabby handwriting in order to give it a personal touch.

As days were getting nearer I was becoming so restless. I planned to go to Neema’s house and surprise her. Thank god my girl wasn’t the one who loves teddy and Barbie. I hated to give her that present.

At last the D-day arrived, the Friday that I had been waiting for.

“Dude I’m getting really anxious” said I.

“First time no, you’ll get used to it don’t worry”

I got a ping from Neema.

“Why is she pinging me now? I thought of not talking to her till tonight” I said to Selva.

“You want me to deal with?”

“Nooooo” I said rather loudly which made my ever-engrossed-in-computer teammate to get up and watch what is happening.

“Hey” was the ping from Neema.

“Hey hi how are you” I replied after a long thought.

“Too busy nowadays huh?”

“No nothing like that. Temme”

“Tomorrow is my birthday” As if I didn’t know. “So Harish said why don’t we celebrate” Suddenly I became over cautious and waited for the next sentence but there was a pause.

“Oh great” I said my mind winning over my heart.

“I know it’s tough for you to come from Anna Nagar to Besant Nagar. But if you can, be there at 10. He is so particular to cut the cake at 12” I’ll cut that b*****d before that.

“That’s great I’ll be there. Anything for you” I regretted myself for using the last sentence. Did I over do?

“Well then meet you in my house. Oh you don’t know the address right. Here it is note it down”

I wrote the address which I’ve already memorized a thousand times. As soon as I closed the window I immediately informed Selva about what happened.

“Even better, we don’t have to be worried till 12” suggested Selva.

“But what about that goddamn idiot”

“Let him be there what’s he gonna do?”

“I don’t like him”

“But why?”

“I don’t like and that’s it. Get rid of him otherwise I can’t propose to her” I said firmly.

“I don’t think he’s trying to woo her. It’s all your fragment of imagination” he tried to put his idea in my mind which I obviously didn’t buy.


“Ok man ok. You go continue with your work I’ll see what I could do”

Selva asked me to leave office right after the lunch. I went home and as per his advice lied down for an hour but I was hardly able to sleep. I was practicing what I was going to do again and again in my mind.

I was standing in Selva’s house veranda at 7. Seeing me so restless, his mom asked me to sit in the living room. I went and sat as per her order. Selva came home at about 7.30.

“Why the hell are you late?” I enquired immediately.

“Dude it’s the time we reach home daily. You are asking as if you don’t know”

“I don’t know you should have come early” I said.

“Why Vikram is so restless.Is he going on a date?” his mom asked him. It was too much for me. I don’t discuss these things with my parents. I glared at Selva. To escape my glare Selva ran inside the room to change. He got ready in 15 minutes. We started in his red Volkswagen Polo which on any other day would have been driven by me but that day as I couldn’t concentrate he drove it.

While riding I asked Selva “have you got rid of Harish?”

“Ya” he replied casually.

“Thanks dude” I grinned. “How?”

“There is a girl in her cubicle Rupa, whom I ditched last week remember?”


“Harish has a crush on her”


“So I told her to go out with him”

“How’ll the girl whom you ditched will go out with that loafy idiot?”

“I said I’ll take her out if she goes out with him today”

I sat there perplexed.

“It’s very complicated,some girls are like this, don’t get yourself confused” said Selva. He was right; it indeed was complex so I didn’t think of it.

We went near her house well in advance. Selva parked the car around the street corner. As it was a blind street there were hardly any people around there and only one street light which was there was very dull. I didn’t know whether it was cold outside or I felt like that. Selva didn’t mind coming out of the car. I got down with the paper to memorize my proposal speech yet again.


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