A Loser’s Love Story – Part-8

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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“See let’s make it clear. You made me suffer to get you and now it’s my turn. Don’t talk about marriage and bull s**t and don’t waste my time. Bye” Selva was shouting at someone over the phone.

I signaled him with my hand asking “what?”

“Rupa. B***h”

“Now who’s that? What happened to the Punjabi girl?”

“I ditched her long back. You never listen to my story these days. Damn this Neema”

“Don’t you dare talk about her like this to me” I voiced out.

“Ok cool cool. Don’t give this s**t to me” he said. I turned back to see Neema getting settled in her seat.

“You know what?” Selva started. Without expecting a reply he continued “the best part of a relationship is ditching”

I rolled my eyes like a new five rupee coin. He continued his preaching “It’s a pleasure man. The same girl, who made you follow her, cries at the other end, begging you to talk, share time and listen to her. These girls so easily forget the flashback but I don’t.”He gave a villainous smile.

He was talking like a psycho. “Selva, Have you got drunk?” I asked him out of sheer irritation.

“You will also find the same pleasure when you ditch her, see” he said.

“You’ve gone mad. I don’t ditch anybody, that too not a girl like Neema, understood?” I replied him firmly.

“Do you really think that you could marry her? What if you see a better looking girl in the meantime? What if you find someone with specs? Take my advice, get a girl with specs, girls with specs are very good in bed”

Selva had gone seriously insane I didn’t bother him with a reply but he continued talking. “Ok how’ll your parents accept? What about the old guy? Your dad, um?”

He now asked a genuine question for which I didn’t have an answer. My family being damn conservative love means a strict no-no.

“Tell man how’ll you talk about her to your old guy?” He addresses my dad as my old guy. I kind of like that term. It’s an affectionate way in which he calls my dad yet it doesn’t sound arrogant or cheesy.

I was in no mood to think about future. “Here my angel is sitting right in front of me. Do you really think that I could think about all that you said?”

“Wah Vikram wah you talk like real Shahjahan” said Selva, the happiness of ditching a girl had got him on a high. He thought it was a great deed.

The bus started to move, splashing water everywhere. As there was heavy rain and the bus windows were tinted I couldn’t see Neema thoroughly. Only after she went out of sight I realized that my dress was wet and I’ve to be like that for the next two hours if not more.

My dress being wet and her memories in mind I wasn’t able to sleep. I thought love is a b***h no but love is pain, such a beautiful pain. It’s like the irritation one feels after applying after shave lotion. Though it stings it feels good. It’s a guy thing.

As I couldn’t sleep I didn’t let Selva sleep too. “Dude next Friday is her birthday” I said.

He came back to his senses all of a sudden “Wow great. Great time to woo a girl. They behave absolutely dumb on their birthday”

“I don’t think she can be dumb anytime but still…”

“Ok ok! It’s not about her you know what I mean”

“Ok I’ve a plan listen”


“I’m planning to take her to all the places I like where girls wouldn’t have gone. She’ll love it na?” I asked excitedly

“Like?” he asked me raising his eyebrow, eyeing me suspiciously.

“Hmm… like going to Abba fast food, street chat in Chetpet, bhang lassi in Sowcarpet, 10rs ticket in Sathyam..”

He interrupted me in the middle “Bull s**t. These desi movies have spoilt you my friend. Finally where will you take her? To TASMAC huh?” he gave a pause for me to reply but I didn’t have anything to reply.

“Grow up man. Take her out somewhere where it’s romantic, something like a candlelight dinner but before that, will she come out with you first?” he asked me.

“Ya I don’t know. I think she will” I said.

“Ok then lets plan something for you” he said and started to think.

The heavy rain gave away to mild breeze. Due to incessant rain from the morning all the roads were water logged so there was heavy traffic jam. I opened the door to get some fresh air.

There she was. Her bus was next to me. She had opened the door slightly. Even though I couldn’t see her face fully as soon as I saw her first strand of hair I hid behind the window instinctively.

“Why the hell are you hiding behind the window idiot? Say a ‘hi’ to her”

“Happened out of instinct man, don’t scold me” I said sheepishly.

Even after Selva scolding me I didn’t say a ‘hi’ to her. Well, no guy does that. I observed her all the time. The traffic jam which annoys became so pleasant that day. The bus didn’t move an inch in 20 minutes.

I observed her listening to the music by leaning on the tinted window. The pink color ipod matching her pink color dress, one strand of her hair fell on her lips, she spit it immediately but later laughed at herself for doing so, thanks to the incoming breeze she kept on adjusting her fringe, looking out of window for such a long time made her sleepy she yawned, even her yawn was beautiful. When a girl yawns it looks so cute when a guy does the same he looks like gorilla. I cursed all the gods for this partiality but I immediately apologized for it’s the same god who had made my Neema. My one and only Neema.

The bus slowly started to move. “Couldn’t the jam had been there for some more time” I said out of agony.

“What the f**k? It’s already 6 and we still have 66 kilometers to go”

My wet dress had begun to dry. I settled back to sleep for a while but when my bus went past hers I saw her laughing all of a sudden. It was because of that b*****d Harish.


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