A Loser’s Love Story – Part-7

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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“Oh you were the guy who tried to hit on me during induction right?” She said. She really was good in breaking the ice but that sentence caught me upright. The whole family laughed whereas I turned back and gave a stern glare to Selva. Selva bowed his head in shame.

“You b*****d you said you’ve never seen her before” I said slowly in his ears. I couldn’t carry on that conversation as I was surrounded by people with whom I’m not supposed to use unparliamentary language.

All five of us sat in our Tata Nano crushing each other and reached home after a couple of hours. The most eventful week came to an end. The very thought of going to office next week, going back to cubicle, opening eclipse terrorized me.

The week started yet again with a status call. After an hour of deliberate lies from off shore the onsite co coordinators felt confident that we could proceed with the work. It’s a crazy life in IT world. We call them during their night and don’t allow them to sleep then they call us during our night and ask us to work. In a way both the parties don’t sleep and blame each other.

Status call was followed by regular sojourn to coffee day. Selva started with the proceedings. “One cappuccino please” he announced as soon as he entered CCD. He actually doesn’t have to tell this. Seeing us at 10 A.M he’d automatically know that these gay fellows know nothing else to order.

“So how’s it going?” asked Selva.

“How many times will you ask the same question?” I questioned him back.

“But I expect a different answer at least once”

“No. It’s the same answer yet again”

“Dude it’s almost a month, you’ve to carry your relationship forward”

“Do you think I don’t know that? I’m not you to get a girl so easily”

“Here, you go again”

As soon as the coffee came our conversation ended abruptly. Thanks to coffee otherwise I had to answer all his obnoxious questions.

Sitting in the same place yet again with a different person, a beautiful person it was an altogether different experience. I’ve never said how I liked to spend time with her. I’ve never said that she looked beautiful in her black salwar. I’ve never said that I love it when she sips the coffee. I’ve never said how much I love her too.

I enjoyed every bit of time I spent with her. Only on that day I noticed that I’ve never fancied her in my bed even in my dreams. Was that a sign of true love or I didn’t have guts to ask her out even in dreams? I noticed one more thing. She had never texted anyone when she was with me. The most annoying habit of girls that, texting while somebody is talking to them. She has never done that. I knew it was utter foolishness to think that she would reciprocate the same feelings I have towards her but still my heart longed for it.

While I was thinking of all those special moments that I spent with her she got a call. Hearing one side of the conversation was really bizarre.

“Hey, long time no see” she said, signaling me by her first finger,asking permission for a minute. I noticed her small fingers. Her first finger was smaller than my index finger. I longed to touch. That’s when I realized I’ve not yet touched her. Not even a shake hand. Argh! Damn me.

“ya, ya”

“wow great”

“Thursday itself huh? Thank you dear” The very mention of dear ignited the fire in my belly. I concentrated with all my might to know with whom she was talking too.

“Ok bye. Cya” she said and kept the phone.

“Sorry sorry cousin. Ya tell me” She talked as if nothing has happened. How could girls be like that?

“It might have been an urgent call. It’s ok don’t ask sorry for all these silly things” I said controlling my temper.  I couldn’t directly ask “who the hell is that damn cousin. It’s a ‘he’ or ‘she’?”

“Nothing really urgent she will be coming from States next week for my birthday?” There were two things that sentence had which made me happy. The first one being the ‘she’ in the sentence and the second one being her ‘birthday’ which means I’ve a genuine chance to impress her. The way in which she effortlessly said about her birthday astonished me. I always used to keep my birthday so secretive so it has always been a private affair for me.

“Hey congrats” I shouted out all of a sudden.

“He he. I said my birthday is in next week” she said laughing herself out.

I blurted out something and continued with the regular conversation, all the time thinking about what to do?

It started to drizzle but I didn’t pick up an umbrella which I usually do.

“I don’t know what’s so romantic about rain. It becomes yucky all around” I said while walking her or to be precise walking with her to our company gate.

“People in love should know better don’t ask me” she said with a wink reassuring that she was still single.

“ya ya” I nodded and we parted our ways to our respective cubicle. The one umbrella which was there at the gate I gladly gave it to her but before I could take a couple of steps it started to rain cats and dogs. She laughed at me seeing me jumping like a frog from here to there.

I went to the cubicle fully drenched like an item girl.

“Vikram where were you. You’ve to reduce your break time” said my manager.

“Ok sir. Sorry” I said and escaped from that place. Selva had already left with my bag. I need not have come back to cubicle to take my bag.

He had already reserved a seat for me in the bus. Our usual first two seater from where I could look Neema. She didn’t know that I used to be in the bus next to hers.

I saw her getting into the bus lifting her pajamas owing to the muddy water near the staircase of the bus. I could look at her feet which exposedher golden anklet. I hate people wearing golden anklet but she looked damn cute wearing it.

I settled back in my seat and started enjoying her each and every moment in the rain.

“See let’s make it clear. You made me suffer to get you and now it’s my turn. Don’t talk about marriage and bull s**t and don’t waste my time. Bye” Selva was shouting at someone over the phone.


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