A Loser’s Love Story – Part-6

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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“This is not feelings. This is obsession. A dangerous one that too”

“Ok then why didn’t you date Priya?”Priya was considered a w***e by most of the guys as she is rumored to have slept with every guy who bought her a drink

“Oh! She was s**t. I don’t s**k every d**k that comes my way”

“Same logic applies here too”

“See, a key can open many locks but a lock shouldn’t be opened by many keys. That’s Priya. But your girl is different. Do you think that I wouldn’t have enquired about her after knowing that you have such a huge crush on her?”

“love” I corrected him.

“Ok love. I enquired everything about her. Neema from New York right. As far as I know she is not an eye candy. She doesn’t dress to grab others attention. She doesn’t roam with guys. She talks to guys but doesn’t go on a date. That’s what is called social. Foreign culture. Do you get it? And that’s how you wanted your girl to be. Social right?”

It was getting confusingly clear. In the 3 weeks that I’ve mingled with her I’ve never thought about that. She had never worn anything other than salwar. I’m not saying all girls wearing salwar are good girls or vice versa but any other girl from foreign would have come all hep, at least on Fridays but she didn’t and my definition of good may vary from others. Selva made my mind clear which increased my love for Neema by leaps and bounds.

After erasing all my negative thoughts about Neema post lunch a post in bulletin board about drama club grabbed my attention. It’s been a long time wish to direct for a drama but when I enquired they said they need people only to act and not to direct. Though I was initially skeptical about it I joined them mostly to know the process and what it takes to be a director.

“Why don’t you include Neema in your group too? You said your group needs people and by this way you can get close to her” asked Selva.

“No way” I shot back.

“Why? What now?”

“I’m not the one who is gonna romance the heroine and further I don’t want everyone to flirt with her. That too in front of my eyes”

Selva knowing me didn’t bug me much.

As I became really busy the next week I couldn’t chat with her. Not even through messenger. I can never do two things at a time. It can be considered as my plus or minus. But nevertheless that was the week I was completely overjoyed. It was an amazing experience. The late night practice, group lunch, sleeping in dormitory, it was great. I didn’t go to cubicle for the whole week.

At last it was the day of performance. I shamelessly publicize,so most of my friends were there including Neema. To my horror when I saw from the backstage even my family was there. I called Selva and asked him to come to the backstage.

 “What the f**k? How did they come here?” I asked Selva.

“I invited them to surprise you” replied Selva.

“Bull s**t”

“Why do you get angry for each and everything?”

Before I could answer his question the director of the troop asked us to assemble near the stage. I couldn’t continue with the quarrel. I went near the stage. My parents were sitting in the first row as is they were VVIP’s. My sister looked least bit interested in the proceedings. She was constantly texting. Behind my parents there were some 300 to 400 people sitting. I became terribly afraid. When I turned back to blabber something to my fellow mates even their face seemed to be horror struck so I couldn’t vent out anything to them.

After a bit of motivational speech by our director it was our turn to get into the stage. It’s said that when its right it’s right but for me even when it’s right it’s wrong. As soon as I got into the stage a slight drizzle started. I thought the show would get cancelled but it didn’t. After 10 minutes we started our performance, the rain ceased by then. The audiences were sitting with umbrella in their hands. It was very funny to see so many people sitting in the rain to watch our performance.

The performance was far from successful but everywhere I turn people were congratulating each other. Without bothering them much I went back to change room and came out in 10 minutes. My parents were standing right at the entrance of room

“What are you guys doing here standing in the rain?” I asked.

“Selva invited us to watch your performance” said my dad.

“Hey dude your performance was great today. Congrats” said my friend but I wasn’t even sure whether he had watched the play. My dad was beaming with pride hearing that.

“Not in front of my dad man” I whispered in his ear. He shrugged and went away from that place to get some shelter.

“Vikram your performance was great. I didn’t know that you’re such a good actor” said my dad.

“Ok dad enough I know how I did. Can’t you give an honest feedback for once at least?” I’ve to tell this. My dad never gives an honest opinion. He considers me as the best in whatever I do which actually I’m not. Even for simple thing likea haircut he tells me that I look like SRK. I’ve always wondered how a 44 hip sized, spectacled SRK would have looked. I got bored of his comments after certain period of time. His good, very good, very very good didn’t have slightest of effect on me.

“Don’t think too great of yourself bro. Yes it was yucky” my sister gave me an honest opinion.

“Ok dad, come let’s go home. Only if we start now at least we can go home by mid night” I dragged my parents from that place. I don’t want him to be so proud of his son.

Neema and Surya were walking towards me. I totally forgot them waiting for me. I introduced them to my dad.

“This is Surya as you all know. And this is Neema, her friend”

“Hello uncle, hello aunty” They both exchanged pleasantries.

Neema effortlessly mingled with our family. She even started talking with my sister who doesn’t mingle with anyone. “How happy it’d be if she comes into our family” I dreamt.

At that instant I introduced them to Selva too. “Oh you were the guy who tried to hit on me during induction right?” She said. She really was good in breaking the ice but that sentence caught me upright. The whole family laughed whereas I turned back and gave a stern glare to Selva. Selva bowed his head in shame.


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