A Loser’s Love Story – Part-5

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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“Hmm yea that too once with one of my bestest of friends. But I didn’t like it much”

“Oh great,” I didn’t have any hard feelings when she said that she had smoked or got drunk. In fact I’ve always wanted my girl to know what it feels like.

Just when we were getting personalit became 4.30. I had to take the bag from my place without the knowledge of my manager to escape by 5’o clock bus. My manager gets extra energy on Fridays and asks us to stay till 9, 10. I bid goodbye to her and hurried from that place.

As it was Friday I had to be alone in the bus. I realized that only when Selva was not in ourusual place. At 4.45 when I boarded the bus it was almost full. The only place that was left was between two pregnant ladies in a two and a half seater. So techinically I sat with 4 other people in a two and half seater. Assuming that both the ladies had one only baby in their stomach.

If that was not enough there was a kid in the row before me. He kept on staring at me as if he had seen a dinosaur with an ID card. These kids annoy me. I hate them, I just hate them. But those mom-to-be ladies kept on grabbing his attention by showing there bangles, ear rings etc. I shut off my eye lids tightly and pretended to sleep. One has to go through all this agony in a corporate bus.

I had missed all of Selva’s updates. I didn’t even know with whom he was roaming with. Being a play boy right from school he used to get girls with ease and used to narrate the whole incident when we drink Rasna after our cricketing hours. The one rupee fifty paiserasna being his treat for getting laid.

As much as I knew he was the first one in our gang to get laid that tooat a tender age of 15 when I haven’t even watched porn yet. The first girl he got was Aishwarya the cute chubby one who was in his class. The next one was my classmate. The third incident was the funniest one. He got caught while roaming with his teacher’s daughter. She found them licking a single cone ice cream together. Imagine getting caught by a teacher doing an act like that. This act made him quite a hero. When he left the school he had already done that with a dozen girls. 

But Selva never really had a close friend other than me because whenever some guy thinks that a girl is good the guy next to him immediately points out that the girl is fresh out of Selva’s bed. Selva gets his girl before anyone could get sight of them.

All these things occur to my mind every Friday. But right after I met Neema my mind has never thought about anything other than her. I went home and slept dreaming about Neema all the time.

I woke up to my alarm at 5 in the morning. It was yet another Monday but this time I felt great. All the time I was thinking about Neema. What to talk with her, how to impress her etc.

As soon as I went to office I pinged her “hi”

“Hey howz you” by then I had got used of her extra ‘z’.

“I’m great. Once again a Monday” what a blatant confession?

Selva came to my side of cubicle and informed,” We have a meeting in 10 minutes. Close it and come”.

My manager got up and called for a meeting so I had to close the messenger without even sayinga bye. I cursed my manager for this.

Selva, me and the rest of my team mates along with my manager went into the conference room smiling at each other without knowing why. My manager got a call from his nagging wife so he went out to answer it.

Selva asked me “So how’s it going?”

“Ya I have a big story to tell you”

“See how times have changed you’re reciting stories instead of me”

“Not stories, story. Singular”

I told him the whole story. I must say he was mighty impressed.

“Wow good. Now you two can booze together after marriage” he kidded me.

“Dude that was just only once that too with one of her friends” I said but something suddenly struck my empty mind. “Wait” I said and went out without listening to Selva’s words. My manager saw me and asked me to get inside. The meeting started I listened or pretended to listen to it empty mindedly.

As soon as the meeting got over I came out of the conference hall and said to Selva that I won’t be coming for coffee and pinged Neema.

“I’m back” I said in Arnold’s style.

“Hmm. So what am I supposed to do?” I hated her sarcastic joke. For that case I’ve never liked sarcasm in life.

“Nothing bye” I said with a mock anger but was not sure whether she might have understood it.

“lol. Dude, why do you get angry so easily? I was just kidding” she said apologetically.

“That wasn’t fine” I would have said that if I had been in a better frame of mind.

“Ok! So what should I do?” she continued.

“Nothing. You told me that you went to pub right? With whom?”

“I remember saying that I went with one of my best friends”

“Who’s that ‘one of your best friends’? Guy or girl?”

“Obviously guy” I got the reply that I was expecting but I hated it when it finally came from horse’s mouth. That too with an ‘obviously’ prefixed to it.

I steered the conversation to some other topic. “Hmmm k. Does your dad know” I asked her like a momma’s child.

“Yea he does. But he doesn’t mind actually”. I hated his dad for that. What type of dad lets her daughter to go out to pub with a guy?

“Your mom?” I questioned her yet again like a police inspector.

“Both my parents don’t interfere in my private affair”. Bull s**t them.

With so much anger up my sleeve I didn’t want to continue with the conversation. I cited some lame reason and went offline. When I was just about to close the window Harish came online, both their names stood next to each other like they sit with each other in bus. I hated everything that was happening to me. I shut down my system and went out to take a breath of fresh air.

The tea time was over and Selva was returning back. Seeing me near the ground floor lobby of our building he asked “Why are you standing outside? You wanna have coffee?”

“Coffee, coffee, coffee… don’t you know anything other than that?”

“Why are you yelling at me?”

“She has gone to pub”

“Yea you already said that and you’re happy about that, aren’t you?”

“No. I’m not happy. I’m not happy about anything. I’m not happy about this b***h, the company, my job, your coffee, anything”

“Whoa whoa something must have gone terribly wrong. Wassup?”

“She has gone there with a guy”

“So that’s the problem. She having tequila doesn’t bother you but what bothers you is she went there with a guy. Amazing you are”

I didn’t know whether I was right or wrong in getting angry but I was angry. I was so damn angry.

“You moron don’t you have any feelings”

“This is not feelings. This is obsession. A dangerous one that too”

“Ok then why didn’t you date Priya?”Priya was considered a w***e by most of the guys as she is rumored to have slept with every guy who bought her a drink

“Oh! She was s**t. I don’t s**k every d**k that comes my way”

“Same logic applies here too”

“See, a key can open many locks but a lock shouldn’t be opened by many keys. That’s Priya. But your girl is different. Do you think that I wouldn’t have enquired about her after knowing that you have such a huge crush on her?”


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