A Loser’s Love Story – Part-4

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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“What the …?” I called out quite loudly

“What?” said Selva spilling water from his mouth.

“Harish is sitting in the same row as in Neema.”

“What’s that b*****d doing here?” he said. Harish was our school mate. He belonged to same batch as of mine so obviously Selva knows him.

“How the hell do I know” I replied. “Do something”

“Don’t you have any other work? What do you expect me to do? Go punch him in the face?”

“I don’t know. Do something” I said ferociously.

Every time Neema turned to his side and laughed made me angry. It kept on increasing exponentially with every passing minute.

“Still 15 minutes to go I can’t take this. Please make him get down from the bus” I pleaded Selva.

He made face and got down. He climbed the next bus and started talking with Selva. Though I couldn’t hear I was satisfied when Selva and Harish got down from the bus. What I liked even more was Neema didn’t even give a second look to Selva. I loved it.

While the bus was about to start Selva let Harish go to his bus. Thankfully no one occupied the third seat in their row. The big bag of Neema was in the middle separating Harish and Neema. I felt relieved seeing that but I couldn’t have my usual quota of sleep in the bus, thanks to them.

As soon as I went to office the next day I got the route details of bus number 1.

“Hmm. Besant nagar huh? Prize catch dude” said Selva which made me blush.

“Shut up man” I continued blushing.

But whenever I think of Neema Harish comes into my mind and starts disrupting the dream. I loathed him for that.

To make sure that they both are always under my watchful eyes I employed various techniques. The first being adding Harish in my messenger list. When I find both of them offline I immediately send a forward message like ‘Select a number from 0-9 to know about your future wife’, ‘select a color from the below list to know about your girlfriend’ etc. Based on the reply I used to guess whether they’re together or not.

To add horror to my already wicked thinking their name were next to each other in my messenger list. Yes, I had no friends with their names starting with I, J, K, L, M. But I didn’t want them to be together even in my messenger list.

Then in the evening when I board bus I used to pray all gods that they shouldn’t sit together but that never happens. As they both are in same building they come out together and always occupy the third row three seater. As soon as they sit there my second prayer would start that they shouldn’t get a third person in their third row three seater, even if it happens the third person should sit between the two of them.But to add insult to the injury whatever I think never happens.

“Oh god, please he shouldn’t sit there” I was praying silently closing my eyes. Now I’ve totally lost interest in reading my book.

“Dude don’t let this happen to you” said Selva.

I didn’t heed to his request I continued looking through the window. One fat ugly b*****d sat in the same row near the aisle. The third guy being fat means in an already two and a half seater Neema and Harish would be sitting so close so that they could even hear each other’s breath.

“Oh bull s**t. It has happened yet again”

“Vikram, you need therapy”

“Shut up you b*****d. For you who goes out with a different girl every other weekend what do you know about love?”

“Love? From when did this start?”

“The day I saw her first” I said but I corrected myself. “No not the first day, the day I saw her fast as my fan”.

Selva gave a sigh. “But she is totally opposite to your ‘ideal girl’ idea”.

“Dude! Look at me. Will any good looking girl, let alone ‘my ideal girl’, give me a second look?” I asked.

“Damn your inferiority complex. You yourself know that you’re talented”

I gave a laugh “With my family pack abs I can’t really woo a girl. You’re just being sympathetic. Leave it and let me concentrate”

“Concentrate on what? They both sitting and laughing together. Don’t be stupid. If you really feel something for her go to her and spit it out. You are my friend you must be lucky with love”

Selva tells it so easily only guys like me who has been rejected six times know how it feels.

The bus started to move and I kept on looking until it was under my vicinity. That was when I felt college was lot better where there were no chicks so no need to worry but here there were hell lot of chicks but no one seemed to mind me. And the college rule of boys and girls being separated by a grade separator in bus also would’ve come in handy under these circumstances.

I continued chatting with her and having coffee with her during evening tea breaks but I’ve never felt like she’s using me. She was always sweet to me but I couldn’t come up with the topic called love. Selva wanted me to ask her out again and again but I didn’t want to do the same mistake again.

Selva became increasingly restless after a couple of weeks. “See it’s almost a month. What have you done other than sipping coffee and eating doughnuts?”

“Meeting her daily itself is a big deal. How could I start the topic? What if she stops talking with me?”

“Why dude? Why? Why does it happen in every love story? A loser guy, his play-boy friend, a beautiful girl, the same coffee shop, the same bus stop and love failure at last. Why don’t you guys speak up?”

I gave a thought about it but couldn’t come up with a convincing reply so decided to play to my strength. My inferiority complex. “So you say that I’m a loser right?”

“Out of all the things that I said you got only that right. Get lost. But take my advice she won’t be good in bed. She’s just a fat f**k nothing more. You’re the one who’s giving so much hype”

I felt like slapping him in fact got up to do so but couldn’t. It’s never easy to slap a friend. Instead I walked away from this place.

“Don’t you dare walk away while I’m talking” Selva shouted which made the whole cubicle including my PM to look towards us but I didn’t bother and walked away.

Though the bitter conversation hampered my spirits for a while it all flew away once I met Neema. Neema doesn’t know that I have a friend called Selva and I too didn’t talk about him once I was with her.

In our yet another coffee conversation with her on a Friday “Thank goodness it’s Friday”

“Ya finally! Thank goodness you reminded me of TGIF”

“TGIF? What is TGIF?” I asked

“Oh! It’s something like McDonalds. When I was in New York I used to go there every Friday”

That was the first time she talked about her past. She had never said to me that she was from New York and I too didn’t ask her but I knew owing to her accent that she should be from a foreign country.

“Oh ok. Where in New York?”as if I knew. I didn’t want my question to be “Oh! Wow! New York” but that was what I thought at that instant.

“Amsterdam, the carpet city, I spent my best phase of life there”

I didn’t want to continue talking about New York with her so I changed the topic.

“So New York means you’d have done everything, isn’t it”

“Ha ha. I know what you mean” When the smile turns into laugh the silent breeze that constantly flows in my heart turns into a storm. Such is its impact.

“Tell me na. Have you smoked, got drunk?” I didn’t ask the third question purposefully.

“See how curious you are” She stopped for a while to see me blushing. I know I’d have looked like a chimpanzee at that time but I couldn’t control it.

“I tried smoking once, took a cigarette out of my dad’s case. As soon as I took a puff I coughed so in fear of getting caught I didn’t do it again. That’s my first and last puff” she said.

“Why does everyone cough when they first smoke? I didn’t cough”

“Oh! You smoke eh?” she asked matter-of-factly. I’d have loved if she had asked that question compassionately.

I made a mistake by starting this topic but managed it quite well in the end “Just a couple of times to get a feel of it. Then I quit”

“First time I see a guy quitting so soon” She laughed again, which made the nerves in me strum like electric guitar.

“Answer my second question” I asked like BigB.

“Hmm yea that too once with one of my bestest of friends. But I didn’t like it much”


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