A Loser’s Love Story – Part-10

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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“What the *beep*, what the *beep*, what the *beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*” I was shouting like an animal in the deserted street.

Selva who was sitting inside the car came out seeing me shouting like a mad man “its ok, chill, don’t panic”

“It’s tough dude I won’t be able to do”

“You can man, you can. You prepared for a whole week” he tried to comfort me.

I looked at the paper one more time “No surely I can’t. Look at me. Do you really think I could do? You do it for me”

“Vikram don’t be a p***y, be a man. This is your best chance don’t be afraid”

I was trembling from head to toe. He came near me put his hand on my shoulders. “See, don’t think too much. Throw away that paper. Forget all the plans that you made. Just be spontaneous. Just be you. Being you is the highest virtue”

I didn’t reply. He continued “Just relax, close your eyes. Think of all that happened for the past one month. You’ll get the courage to do it once you think of it”

Selva opened the car door to get inside.

The verse from Rockstar was playing in his music player.

kyunbaantemujhe is tarah

do you cut me off..
why do you divide me like that?”

I didn’t bother to heed to the music or to get into the car. I liked to be alone in the silence outside. I closed my eyes to think of what all happened in my life for the past one month.

I felt like reliving all those moments, only when I opened my eyes I knew that I had only dreamt of the best thirty days in my life. It was like a symphony. When I peeked through the window I saw Selva sleeping. I didn’t bother him. Asking him suggestion again will only lead to confusion. As someone who is always punctual I started walking towards her house.

It was an independent house right next to a mechanic shop which was closed that day. I climbed up the stairs and rang the bell.

“Neema! What happened to you? How did you become old all of a sudden?” I asked.

“Ha ha. I’m her cousin, her mother’s elder sister’s daughter. But this expression is too much” she said. I was embarrassed.

“Oh sorry. I came to see Neema” As if she doesn’t know.

“Yes come in” she said and took me into their house. The house didn’t look beautiful as I expected. I expected a posh bungalow with home theatre, cozy sofa and stuff but their house seemed to be modest. I didn’t show out that I was disappointed.

Her mom who was sitting in the divan welcomed me and gave me mango juice. I felt restless with only ladies around. His dad was not there. I don’t think it’d have made the situation any better. I was waiting for her to come and with her mom and cousin around I didn’t know how to propose.

“What are you looking at?” Neema’s mom asked.

“Nothing aunty just like that” Fool fool don’t let her think that you’re a loser.

“Neema is in her room. She is dressing. Wait I’ll let her know that you’re here” she went towards her room which was opposite to the dining and signaled me to come inside.

I walked skeptically towards her room. Neema’s mom hurried to the kitchen on hearing the cooker whistle.

“Excuse me” I knocked her room’s door.

“Ya come in Vikram” I heard her voice and went inside. Right opposite to the door was the dressing table. She was standing there and wearing her ear drops.

I was in for a surprise yet again. Like every girls room the walls weren’t covered with pink, there were no big big family photos where the girl kisses her dad mostly and mom sometimes;there was no Tom Cruise’s photo etc. The room was plain and neat just the way I like it but covered with loads of books.

It was just a small room so it didn’t take much time to analyze things there. Other than books there was nothing else to analyze too. By this time she had worn her right ear drop and was wearing her left ear drop. There were three powders in the shelf of her dressing table. One was brown, one was pink and one was white. I didn’t know what was what and also didn’t know in which order she applied. After her usual make up chores she turned back and saw me staring at her.

“Hey what are you looking at?”

You my darling, you! “Nothing, just like that”

We both were standing opposite to each other. I was very restless whereas she was damn cool as always.

“Why do you apply so much powder you’re already fair?”

She explained in technical terms about why she uses three color powders but I couldn’t understand any of it. It too was as tough as java.

“Hey what’s that you’re clutching too?” she asked. Only then I realized that I had not thrown out my proposal speech paper and had not brought her greeting card and roses. Just when I tried to open my mouth to blabber her mom called her “Neemaaaa” the echo fading in time.

“Coming mom” she shouted back.

“Just a second” she said and left out of the room. I nodded and let her go.

Her figure moved out of the dressing table and I was standing there right in front of the mirror. I felt like I was stark naked. I was hopeless. The same mirror which just 2 minutes before produced quite a reflection of one of the most beautiful girl was compelled to produce the reflection of me. I stood there for full 30 seconds analyzing me from top to bottom. I crushed the paper that was in my hand, kept it in pocket and started to walk away from home.

Thank god, as everyone were in the kitchen I didn’t have to tell anything before leaving. I came out of the house to the car and woke up Selva.

“It’s only 10.30. How come you’re back so soon?” asked Selva.

“Get inside I’ll drive” I said. Selva shifted to the next seat without getting out. I started the engine and hit the accelerator.

“Tell me man what happened? Did you say or not” He continued pestering me. I adjusted the side view mirror accelerating all the while.

“Are you going to tell me or not” he asked me yet again pulling me by my shirt which I specially bought for this occasion.

The signal turned red I stopped the car, tires screeching. I then turned to him looked him face to face and said “I saw the mirror”.



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