A Loser’s Love Story – Prologue

Posted: April 21, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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“What the *beep*, what the *beep*, what the *beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*” I was shouting like an animal in the deserted street.

Selva who was sitting inside the car came out seeing me shouting like a mad man “its ok, chill, don’t panic”

“It’s tough dude I won’t be able to do”

“You can man, you can. You prepared for a whole week” he tried to comfort me.

I looked at the paper one more time “No surely I can’t. Look at me. Do you really think I could do? You do it for me”

“Vikram don’t be a p***y, be a man. This is your best chance don’t be afraid”

I was trembling from head to toe. He came near me put his hand on my shoulders. “See, don’t think too much. Throw away that paper. Forget all the plans that you made. Just be spontaneous. Just be you. Being you is the highest virtue”

I didn’t reply. He continued “Just relax, close your eyes. Think of all that happened for the past one month. You’ll get the courage to do it once you think of it”

Selva opened the car door to get inside.

The verse from Rockstar was playing in his music player.

tu kaate mujhe
kyun baante mujhe is tarah

do you cut me off..
why do you divide me like that?”

I didn’t bother to heed to the music or to get into the car. I liked to be alone in the silence outside. I closed my eyes to think of what all happened in my life for the past one month.


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