A Loser’s Love Story – Part-2

Posted: April 21, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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“Wait, there must be some mistake” said I.

The confusion happened because, not only the dress, even the girl was pitch black. I could hardly differentiate between her skin color and dress color.

“Take my advice, run off, bhaagsaale” said Selva in a heavy accent, thanks to his Punjabi girlfriend.

Before she could find out who we were we ran off from that place. Though it may all seem to be funny from a third man’s perspective I was really hurt. I didn’t know why it always happens to me. But being a guy and a big egoistic person I couldn’t tell this to Selva.

It was almost 5, our bus being the second in line we had to run to catch the bus. We couldn’t get our usual first row two seater that day. Selva being a tall person about 6’2” prefers the first row so that he could stretch his legs. We settled in the last but one three seater and prayed that none should come but we always had exception for beautiful girls though.

A beautiful girl whom we had never seen before entered the bus and searched for seats. I sat in the window seat and Selva sat near aisle leaving the middle seat wide open so that she’ll spot the seat as soon as she entered. Our three seater is more or less a two and a half seater so sitting with the girl. Well… You guys know what I mean. But to our dismay she settled in the last row. We let out a laugh once again thinking of the past and this event.

“No luck for us today man” said Selva, sitting laid back in the seat.

“Yes” said I, looking through the window.

“Thank god that Ninja didn’t spot us. She looked worse than Ninja turtles”

I simply nodded. What else could I do? I slept while thinking about all those abysmal events. What started as a great day went wary towards the end.

When I woke up I could see the huge office gate but we both were sitting in our usual first two seater. Only after a couple of minutes after gaining my consciousness I remembered that after our two and a half our journey we had slept in our respective house and now we’re again back again in office bus which started at early morning 6. I could sense the regular scenes of dogs howling at us in the morning, Selva sleep walking etc etc. Thus we were back to office the next day.

We had a status call at 9 in the morning but generally I don’t attend status call or to put it in other words they don’t allow me in the status call for I don’t have a reason to be there. As soon as Selva went to the status call and after breakfast I logged into my system to continue with the routine work.

After about an hour when we were about to take our morning coffee break I got a ping from Neema.

“:@” She gave me an angry face

“?” I kept my reply to a single character as I was no way interested in her.

“:@ :@ :@”

“What happened?”

“Nothing” said her, when a girl says nothing it means a lot of things. In spite of knowing it I didn’t ask her what it is. I knew I would get a message sooner or later and it would start with “you know what?” but to my astonishment it didn’t happen.

“See, One should keep his/her words, if you were busy you could have told me so. I was waiting there near CCD like an idiot for half an hour”

I felt pity for her. I should have at least said ‘hi’.

“That computer division’s guy was staring at me without knowing why I was standing there for so long”

“Computer division’s guy? What was he doing there?”

“Then who else will be there. Only Computer division’s people will be there in CCD isn’t it?

“Oh wait” I began to panic. “Oh s**t, now I get the story”

“What story, don’t dare put my name in your crap story”

She said she loved my story and now she says its crap. Girls…..

“I think there was a mistake”

“What mistake”

“We, I mean I and my friend who drinks coffee twice a day went to CCD that is Café Coffee Day instead of Computer Contact Division out of habit. Sorry”

“Hmm ok” She followed it with a straight face emoticon.


“So what” It’s time for her to show some attitude and mind you she did it so well.

“Can we meet today?” I tried my luck.

“Let me think of it. I’ve lot of tickets to solve. Will ping you if I could finish”

“Ya fine. I’ll wait. No problem”

“Ok bye” She closed the window. I opened my heart and started thinking about her.

As soon as we settled in CCD that is Café Coffee Day I said to Selva,” Dude she said we could meet her today if she gets free”

“Man, are you crazy or what? You want to meet that pig again?”

“Yea, I didn’t tell you the story right” I told him the whole story but he didn’t seem to be convinced.

“Hmm but today’s Friday” He goes out with his girlfriend every Friday.

“Oh ok then I’ll meet her alone” I felt relieved because with Selva around me I can’t be a hero. I can’t grab her attention. So this is my best chance to make a right impression. All the above conditions holds good only if she looks good.

She pinged me at about 4.30,”Hey… Shall we meet at CCD i.e. Coffee Day at 5 today? Or if you’re going by bus we shall meet on Monday”

Two whole days! No Way! I thought. “I’ll be there at 5. It’s ok I’ll take 6’o clock bus” I said, though I’ve never missed 5’o clock bus till that day.

I went to CCD well in advance. While waiting for her my mind started asking me various questions. You idiot why you missed 5’o clock bus. You’ve never missed it, even for production deployment. And what if she turns out to be another pig. Have you ever had lady luck?

I could see a known face approaching me. 


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