A Loser’s Love Story – Part-1

Posted: April 21, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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“The end,” thus I completed my story.

“Dude I’ve never seen a guy as crazy as you. 17 parts! Man, you are adamant. Aren’t you,” said Selva

“What do you mean?”

“What’s the point in posting in the forum when no one except you reads it? You are really funny”

“Selva, enough! I got 3 ‘likes’ for my post in facebook”

“Oh yea. Out of which one is your ‘like’”

“Yea, so what? I’ve got two more likes”

“The other two are from fake accounts created by you.”

I bowed my head in shame. This guy somehow knows all my secrets.

“Do you think I’m crazy like others to believe that someone will ‘like’ your post?”

I had enough of it so I chose not to speak.

Suddenly I got a messenger pop up with the conversation header reading “What the *Beep* Part-17”

“Loved your work Vikram. Read each and every single part of your story. Had a great time. Why did you end it so soon?”

“See who has got a fan. Ha ha,” laughed Selva “See the name, NanjuneemeswariVanjinathan. Yuck. By the way all the best” He ridiculed me yet again and went two steps backward.

I didn’t mind him teasing me because it has always been that way. Selva was my neighbor,right from my school days I used to spend time in his home morethan I spend in mine. We being two best cricket players in the street always used to be opposite team captains. Though heated arguments were on the offing during match we tend to forget everything and return home shoulder in shoulder.

Though Selva was a year elder to me it didn’t occur to me till date. But in office he had one year experience which means he can quit anytime whereasI was still undermy bond period which made me bother. Poor me.

Ok let’s come back to the plot. I read the message again and again. Various replies were doodling in my cerebrum but I didn’t want to miss out on the one poor soul who commented on my post that too with the magic L-word right at the start of sentence.So I thought of the best pick up line that I could start with. Before I could think of it Selva typed,” Thanks Ninja. Make sure that you don’t name your kid with such a big name”.

I was furious over Selva “Man what you have done? She is the only one who appreciated my post and you…” Before I could finish I got a reply from her.

“I thought only your posts are funny. Didn’t know that even you will be this much funny”

“What the f**k. She must be the worstest piece of s**t in the world. No other being will reply like this” said Selva.

“I’ll handle this. You go do your work”. Selvasighed and left me alone in window ridden cubicle.

I didn’t know whether I should tell thatmy constantly ridiculing friend replied to her post or just go on with the flow. I decided to do the latter.

“Well, that’s me” I could smell the sarcasm in my reply to her but I wasn’t sure whether it’d go off well. I remember Selva advising me before, that a guy should never show that he’s desperate. Though I was desperate I succeeded in hiding it.

“Attitude… Attitude… Arun ishtyle huh?” I didn’t know what she meant by this. So to play it safe I replied “lol”. I got a “rofl”. We both laughed without knowing what the joke is. That’s the beauty in chatting with girls you see. No one knows what.

I could see ‘NanjuneemeswariVanjinathan is typing’ flashing time and again. At last she initiated the conversation after initial hiccups. “You know what?” Another problem with girls, how am I supposed to know what it is when we’ve conversed barely for 33 seconds?

Before getting deep into my thoughts I got her message “The best thing about your story is it was outright simple. You were not trying to impress anyone. You were honest”.

I typed “he he… That’s one way of looking at things. The main aim of writing this story is to grab attention. You see I love the scent of success”. Reading my line again and again made me sick. I was trying to impress her in each and every sentence so I erased it and tried to show some attitude.

“Well, that’s me” I replied yet again trying to curb my instinct. “Well, that’s me… well, that’s me… don’t you know any other sentence other than this. All you writers have attitude. Huh”

Though I was happy with my attempt to show myself as a person with attitude I wasn’t really sure whether it was a mock anger or she really was pissed off by me.

As I didn’t get reply from her for some time I decided to break the ice by being my flirtatious self. Selva had given me another advice too, by far the most important one. BE YOURSELF.

 “Hey, sorry Neemeswari my colleague was near me so I couldn’t reply you properly”. I hated myself for calling Selva a colleague.

“Hey its ok I was busy with a ticket so didn’t see your window. By the way you can call me Neema I know my name is too long. No ninja please”

“lol fine so Neema it is huh?”

“Yea… K Vikram I’ve some important work shall we chat after sometime”

“Fine Neema no problem even i have some important task up my sleeve” I lied to her. For me nothing was important than taking to a girl.

After that brief conversation I started to imagine her name with all the imaginary face and figure that came into my mind. Till my tea break I kept on imagining, opening and closing my eclipse again and again.

Selva being a coffee addict came sharp at 10 to my desk to take me to coffee. We went to coffee day to have our daily quota of coffee. I couldn’t digest the fact that he sheds 60 bucks for coffee every time, that too twice a day. We went there and occupied the seat right in the middle. We were surrounded by ever flirting couples. We looked odd as we were the only guys to who were there without a girl in the group. I felt like a gay while sitting there. Selva didn’t mind these things. He happily enjoyed his coffee and started to walk.

We were walking back to our office which is about 300 meters from Coffee day. The golden rim of Selva’s brand new ray ban sunglass was shining by the reflection of hot sun.

“So what’s up with your new found fan?” said Selva.

“Nothing much. She said she’ll ping me later” I reiterated.

“Take my piece of advice. A girl with the name NanjuneemeswariVanjinathan can never look good. Don’t waste your time”

“Enough of your advice. I can’t stop talking to the only soul who has appreciated my story.”

“Listen man…” Before he could finish I went away from that place.

Even though I didn’t like what Selva said it made me think. Yes. How on earth can a beautiful girl be named as NanjuneemeswariVanjinathan. It should always be a Rita, Shreya, Neha, Pooja etc.

As soon as switched on my system she pinged me “Hey I’m done with my work :DYou still in the process of completing it?”

“One sec…” I showed myself busy. I went to restroom, washed my face and came back to the place after 10 minutes.

“Yes Neema tell me…” said I.

“Nothing… I said I’ll ping you so I pinged you”

“hmm”. I didn’t know what else to reply.

It was followed by her “hmm”.

“So, where is your cubicle situated?”

“You know the red building near CCD? Right there.First floor. Cubicle no. 117”

I knew the building which she explained but I was confused as to why was she giving me so much details.

I took a chance and replied. “Hmm… so are you free today. Shall we meet up? I’d like to keep in touch with my fans” where it actually should have been ‘fan’ instead of ‘fans’.

“Sure. I have a meeting at 2 which will go on till 4. Thanks to my manager. So shall we meet near CCD at 4.30”

I got a call from the manager for my usual dosage of scoldings.

“My manager is calling me for a meeting. Meet you at 4.30. Bye” I lied and closed the messenger window making sure that she should not here the telephonic voice even through messenger. Duh! As if messenger has ears.

Till 4 I was waiting her to ping me but it didn’t happen. So I pinged her at 4.

“Is the meeting still on”

“Oh yeah! I was caught up with a small work. I’ll try to finish it asap and will be there at 4.30”

“How will I be able to spot you?”

“Full black dress, I’ll wait right opposite to CCD”

“Fine then.Cya”

“Ya. Bubye”

I was waiting for her to close the window but it didn’t happen so I did because my hands were itching to carry on with the conversation. I didn’t want to do it first up and spoil my image.

Being a punctual person I went there well before time along with Selva. He relished his evening share of coffee. At that moment I couldn’t comment on it because my anxiety of meeting her was immeasurable.  The closer the minute hand went to 4.30 faster was my heart beat. I could hear my heart beat in sync with the tick-tock sound of the clock.

I got up from the plush sofa and went outside to look whether she has already come. Selva didn’t bother to come as he still was relishing his coffee. There were white clouds all around. Wow it can’t get more romantic than this thought my heart. Wait, wait what’s this smell. I looked around to see what it is. A mosquito repellentvehicle had just gone past that place and that’s the reason why there was smoke there which I misunderstood as cloud. Love makes you dumb, especially makes guys dumb. I waited there till it became 4.30, 4.32, 4.35 but she didn’t come. When it was about 4.36 the clouds, I mean the smoke, slowly began to disperse. A girl is full black shining salwar turned back.

“What the f**k” I could hear someone uttering my usual dialogue. It was none other than Selva.

“Wait, there must be some mistake” said I.


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