The Window Seat

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Movie Reviews
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A Loser’s Love Story is over and now what,” I was thinking while walking to the bus bay. I was as restless as always. But as I didn’t have much work I went well in advance so that I could get my preferred window seat. But that seat, the third row three seater window seat was already occupied by a damsel. So I went and sat in the seat behind her.

She was leaning there on the window and was probably talking to her boyfriend. Wait… wait…why should it be a boyfriend? It can be any person in the world. Damn my pessimism. She cut the call before I could come to my terms. At that moment I got an idea, why don’t I start writing something about her. At the same instant she got a call. I could see the reflection of her phone on the window but wasn’t able to find out who it was. I craned my neck, strained my eyes and adjusted the window as if Eddington was adjusting his telescope. It read ‘Darling calling’ with a photo of his boyfriend wearing Wayfarer sunglass. “He must be a rich spoilt brat,” I thought. I dropped the idea of writing about her.

Though we were in the same batch in dance class she hardly knows me. Whenever I try to smile she gets busy with something. In spite of all these negative chi’s I thought I could woo her sometime but seeing that ‘Darling calling…’ I disposed that idea completely. Then entered an equally impressive Malayali girl. She keeps on using the word ‘cheta’ which I guess means brother but I don’t understand what she says by“Pillayar avda unda”. Why does she ask about Pillayar (Lord Ganesha) every time? I thought she was very spiritual. That girl too came and sat in the seat in front of me. They both exchanged pleasantries

I got an idea again. Why don’t I write about the Mallu girl instead of the chubby girl? I started humming ‘Aaromalae’ and kept on thinking about the title. Yes I decide the title before writing. Aaromalae was running in my mind ‘mamalayeri varum thendral…’. Another part of my mind was thinking about the tiles. ‘The mallu chick’ No chick seems to be too rude. ‘The Malayali girl and the Malabar police’ What? No I’m not going to write a crime story. ‘The Mallu girl wearing Malabar gold bracelets’. No sounds so  cheesy. Damn you Karan Johar I’m thinking too much like you. Suddenly something struck my mind. Why not ‘Aaromalae’ breezy, lovable title and as the Hindi movie has got released it’ll be easily identified. At least a few will read my post.

I closed my eyes and imagined myself with an invisible guitar and shouted ‘Aaromalaeeeeee…..” Only when I opened my eyes I saw those two ladies staring at me. I think I shouted a bit more loud than I thought. Feeling embarrassed I got down from the bus after placing my bag in the window seat.

The bus would take off in another 15 minutes so in order to not waste time I went inside to take a quick puff. It relaxed me a bit but still I couldn’t get anything for my next story. After 10 minutes I came to bus rather disappointed. The bus was overtly crowded as expected but what I didn’t except was somebody had taken my bag from my place and kept it near aisle. There were 2 guys sitting the row where I placed my bag.

I said, “I kept my bag in that seat”.

“Ya but I got a mail yesterday that no one is allowed to book seats in the bus” he replied me in a hoarse voice.

As if the embarrassment was not enough that guy annoyed me once again. I couldn’t start a fight so silently sat in the same row near aisle. The bus started in a few minutes. The guy who was sitting in the window seat closed the window which left me gasping for breath.

They both started to converse with each other. “How good it is to be in Chennai finally” Said the one sitting near the window.

“Yea man at last” said the other one.

“This is our first weekend Suresh. First weekend I’m going to be fully free without any work”. That’s when I guessed they both were fresher’s for it was the same dialogue I uttered to my friend Selva during our first weekend.

“Yes Ramesh it feels great. No homework, no records to finish, no unit tests”

“No compre too ha ha” They both laughed. I thought how silly it’d have looked when I told all these things in front of the others.

“ha ha. But being in bench is boring man” said Suresh dully.

“Never say that I had whole lot of fun” said Ramesh. He seemed more like me.

“Is it? What do you do the whole day? At least after 5 I can understand but 8 to 5 what to you do”

“Read BB man that too INK it’s awesome. You know Infy has great talents.” Oh great, now that’s some topic.

“Yea man that’s there but I don’t read long stories I read only the one which ends in a single chapter”

“Even I thought the long stories would be boring but it really was awesome man. Start with Jason’s ‘Choice’, a splendid thriller and if you want something romantic go for Janani’s ‘Not just a love Story’ or “uff… this is love again” It’s quite intriguing and there are works of Madhumitha. I haven’t read them but looks promising”

Suresh listened to his fellow mates words and said, “hmm…”

Our driver switched off the lights and turned on the night lamp. As the night lamp was right on top of me I couldn’t sleep.

Ramesh continued, “there are poetries too but I don’t read them because I don’t understand them’. They both smiled at each other. I too smiled along with them but made sure that I wasn’t noticed. I started to like these guys for being so frank.

“Then who would you call the best in business” asked Suresh. I was so curious to know the answer.

“That’s a damn tough question man. Each one is unique in their own way. First there is Vinod. Vinod Kumar Siva Shankar, the moderator of the INK BB.”

“Like his namesake ‘Shiva- the destroyer’” interrupted Suresh.

“Ha ha. Quite so. His tea time stories are real education man. I could see a R K Narayan in making. It’s so simple yet it’s so hard hitting. He has even published it as a book Tea-20”

Suresh nodded. The chubby girl in front of our row took an apple from her bag and started to eat. Just when she was about to have her second bite her cell phone rang again. Without the knowledge of these two guys I peeped to see who it was. It again started with a D but this time it was ‘Dad calling’. I thanked his dad for not spoiling my mood.

Ramesh continued, “Then there is Sushil Dev Ravi Coppa”

“Ha ha like Francis Ford Coppola” said Suresh. I must say I loved his timing. Suresh seemed to be the humorous guy among the two and I think he has good knowledge of movies too because Francis Ford Coppola doesn’t come to the mind for many.

“Yea just like his. You must read his writings. Sheer brilliance. The command over the language is so fascinating you would literally need a dictionary to understand the terms and jargons that he uses. Not only the English. His stories are truly out of the box. You and I can’t think like him”

“Oh! Great. Two contrasting writers first up. From what you’ve said I think I’ll like Sushils writings more. I should read his works first” said Suresh.

“Yea if you like Sushil’s writing then you’ll surely like Varun’s too. Varun. B. Krishnan. Another terrific talent. Man I bet no one can glorify sarcasm as he does. He’s the Kubrick here. I can’t answer your question about who’s the best but my favorite would be Varun for sure. That too he does all these without using any swear words?”

Oh oh why does he have to talk about swear words now? Suresh was still listening gleefully.

“After Varun there is Jithin. The most humble guy in BB. At least that’s what I think. I’ve commented for his post many times. He was so humble and asked me about the mistakes in the posts and also asked me on how he should improve? It’s very rare you see. Whenever someone has talent they become too egoistic but see this guy he’s so down to earth. I think he’s the youngest among the lot. We can deduce it from his writings”

The driver switched on the lights because the bus had to stop in a few minutes. That means the chubby girl had to get down. Only very few people get down in that stop. The sudden flashing of lights disturbed sleep for many people including the Malayali girl. She yawned as soon as she got up. Meanwhile the chubby girl was busy getting ready to get down. That’s when she realized that she had lost her sandals somewhere. One of her sandals was in front of me, near the aisle. Due to the twist and turns of the bus the sandal had come to this side of the bus.

I couldn’t see a girl unhappy and I haven’t talked to her before so I called her, “Are you searching for your slippers”. I said ‘slippers’ instead of ‘sandals’ which annoyed me. She said yes giving a big radiant smile. The bright red salwar’s color reflected in her fair face. I pointed her sandals and said “It’s here”. She thanked me and got down at the bus. Ramesh said something in Suresh’s ear’s and they began to laugh. It should’ve been a comment about me.

I should get down in the next stop which is due in any time. They continued with their conversation.

“Ok man the first thing that’ll I’ll do next week is read these stories”

“Yea do that. Other than them there are a whole lot of good writers like Rakesh who always posts first I don’t know how could he think so fast and Rajeev the perfect writer I should say. So methodical, there is such a finesse in his writing etc etc. You can keep on talking”

My bus stop came I got up and stood in the aisle to get down from the bus.

“Even I went to INK folder once. There was a guy called Vikram who had posted something in the morning”

I turned towards them suddenly but the people behind me started pushing me so I couldn’t stand to listen to his reply. I was pushed till the door. Due to the commotion they stopped discussing. I stood near the door and let everyone go and came back to my seat to listen to them. I can’t imagine that I left my stop just to listen what this guy who sat in the window seat had to tell about me.

I smiled at them and said, “Next stop is mine. I wrongly got up.” As if they asked me why I came back?

“Yes what we were talking” Ashed Suresh to Ramesh.

“Hey look there. She looks hot na?” Ramesh said pointing to a girl who was damn hot sitting in the high pillion seat with her boy friend.

“Damn you guys, can’t you talk this later. I’ve to get down at least in next stop” I cursed them momentarily.

They came out of the scene as the bus started to move.

“Did you read his story? Vikram’s?”

I was all ears. I was listening so intently to know his opinion and that’s when he replied, “Who’s he?”


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