Book Review: Revolution 2020

Posted: October 20, 2011 in Book Reviews
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Now that I’ve told a girl that I’m going to put up, or write is the right word, a review on ‘Revolution 2020’ more thoughts will linger in mind about impressing her rather than reviewing the book. Please excuse me for that, that is, if anyone reads this piece.


Its 10.15 now and I’ve sent a good night message to her so that I can concentrate on my review. God help me forget about getting up at 5, the reverse KT and numerous such shits tomorrow. For starters, reverse KT is nothing but what you do in kindergarten, repeat what the teacher says, but there is a catch, a third grade Maths catch, which goes like this.

Teacher:  Vikram, get up.

Me: Yes mam.

Teacher: 2+3=5, what is 2334+8768?

Me: Mam this is not fair you always do the easy ones and ask me to solve the tougher ones.

If you still didn’t get it, they’ll tell you that polar bear is white in colour and ask you why they or on verge of extinction?

Oh shit I’ve forgot about the review and still thinking about impressing her. I really can’t write a short piece. Can I? No, no I’m not going to deviate let me come to point. Chicago chick, get off my mind.

I’ve always liked this guy. Bhagat. No, admired must be the word. I like works where the author is candid for e.g Midnight children, Shantaram. No I’m not showing off. I do really like them. Believe me. Bhagat is one such author. I don’t know how far he is candid in his real life but in his book there are dialogues which every guy would have thought while thinking about the girl. The best part I liked in this book is one such incident where the hero (Shit I’ve forgot his name, let me Google before I come to next paragraph) and flying arthi (see I even remember her email id, that’s what girls can do) chat over messenger. She doesn’t reply for 5 minutes and he asks sorry whereas the girl is actually busy and asks him why he asked sorry. This incident would have happened to every other guy who has an Orkut account (or facebook account off late) where the guy starts to apologise if there is a gap of more than 30 seconds for the girl to reply, in spite of knowing that it’s not his mistake at that time.  Who knows? the girl would have even gone to loo. Every permutation and combination of events starts working on a guys mind (or is it only me) about what she’d be doing at that time.

Oh! Haven’t I started with the review yet? Damn me. To be frank this book wasn’t up to the mark. I’m not the one who says the book is not good because of crazy vocab or many-syllable words. I know he’s not going to write a literary master piece like Shakespeare. But what I felt missing was the nativity, the connect, the chord that he strikes with people like me. The second half was totally appalling. I would regard this as his second worst book, the first being ‘Three mistakes of my life’.

I felt so good when I read ‘Two states’ where my friend and I did casting and scripting till mid night. And needless to say ‘Five point someone’ was class apart, especially the climax. Phunsukh wangdu can’t even come close to what Ryan and his guys did in the climax of ‘Five point someone’.

Despite its flaws, wait I don’t like the word, let me rephrase it, despite its shortcomings the book was a good read, made me smile a couple of times (though it didn’t give a hearty laugh like ‘Five point someone’ and ‘Two states’). But the point is it made me smile which has become a luxury off late. The very mention of Infosys and a guy quitting the company to pursue his dreams made me smile.

The emotions that he felt when he went to his friends house after the JEE results, the irritation when his girl friend laughs over his friends’ silly joke, the despair when he was alone were all so true. But the problem is. Is he writing too much from a boys’ angle? I’d really like to see how he writes if he considers a girl as first person. Would be really interesting to read. May be he could get a cue from his wife and let us know about all crazy things that girls do as no one really knows it, as well as he can get out of his male chauvinistic image.

He somehow makes us hate the lead girl at least once in every book. This time he has increased the count to a much higher level. Again his one liners were great to read. For example, “Stupid people go to college smart people own them”. But my most favourite would still remain, “Priyanka has bitched fifty times about Esha to me, yet when they are with each other, they behave like long-lost sisters” from ‘One night at the call center’.

One thing I absolutely hated about this book is it didn’t have anything about friends. He should have included a friendship story as it is his brahma sutra, his prime weapon; he could have played with it. But whatever it is, as they say, you can love him, you can hate him but you can’t ignore him.

Another interesting thing that my friend B Viki (read as Scientist) told about Chetan Bhagat’s book is all his books have numbers in its title. 5.Someone, 1 Night at the call center, 3 Mistakes of my life, 2 States and finally Revolution 2020.

If you gonna ask me whether it’s worth reading the book all I’ve got to say is this, if you could read my blog, my article, till this line why don’t you give it a shot. Definitely it’d be better that this for it took him about a year to pen down his book whereas I wrote this in hardly 15 minutes (No! I’m not showing off)


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