What the *Beep* Part-9

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Movie Reviews

Raj: What type of friends do I have? One loves a teacher and another loves a school girl. Only my love is divine.

Arun: If your love is divine why don’t you love the beggar girl who sits in the street corner instead of the terrace chick?

Raj didn’t have an answer. Daily it’s a ritual, I’ve to sit in the middle of these two and hear all these non-sense.

We had unit test 2 that day. As every one of us had a girl to think about we didn’t study anything for the test. We scraped through English and Maths exam, thanks to Mercy. Only from the physics exam the real problem started.

Physics Exam

Me: Raj, show me the answer.

Raj: I don’t know a thing.

Me: Get the paper from Arun.

Raj: Arun do you know anything?

Arun: No. I’m writing on my own. Don’t know if it’s right.

Raj: Something is better than nothing. Give me your paper.

We wrote the exam far better than what we thought.

Chemistry Exam

Me: Today I’m going to take the book to the exam hall.

Raj: Dude, Gabriel will be coming for invigilation. Don’t take risk. If you get caught he’ll whip you’re a**.

Me: If I don’t bring the book I’ll surely fail even then he’ll whip my a** off. Better to take risk.

Raj: After getting caught don’t say that I’ve not warned you.

Meanwhile Arun got all the page numbers for important questions.

Arun: Here is the answer key. Keep it safe with you otherwise you won’t even know where the answers are.

Me: Only you understand my feelings completely. Thank you.

As soon as I got the answer paper I began to write without even seeing the question paper thinking that it’ll be a waste of time.

While I was seriously writing, someone tapped my shoulder.

Me: F**** wait let me finish this answer at least.

Again he tapped my shoulder. I turned back to stare at him but to my surprise it was Gabriel who was standing there.

Me: Sir…

Gabriel: What’s that thing?

He was pointing at the book. Though I knew exactly what he was asking I pretended as if I don’t know.

Me: What sir?

Gabriel: The book that you’ve hidden inside your desk.

I got up and handed over him the book. The whole class was watching me. I was getting mentally prepared for a tight slap.

Gabriel: I thought you were trying to copy. Ok close the book and continue.

I didn’t know why he gave the book back to me. Only then I realized that I took the wrong book, Chemistry lab manual instead of chemistry book.

Raj gave me a scorn.

Raj: You b****** don’t you even know which book to copy from.

Me: I’m sorry man.

I couldn’t face him for the next 2 hours.

Arun: At least he had the guts to carry the book to exam hall.

Arun (whispered to me): But this is too much.

Electron Devices Exam

As I got caught the previous day nobody dared to take a book that day and had prepared nothing.

Arun slept as soon as the exam started.

Raj: Do you know anything?

Me: I was with you yesterday. Did you see me studying? We haven’t even bought the book.

Raj: Then what are you writing?

Me: Roll number man, nothing else.

Raj: I don’t believe you, give me your paper.

Me: Here have it.

I gave him my blank paper.

Raj: Ok ok have it yourself.

Our electron devices sir went out and Mercy came in for invigilation. I became elated.

Raj: Arun get up. Mercy!

Arun: It’s ok we’re seeing her daily. Let me sleep.

Saying so, he slept again.

Mercy came and sat next to me. My hands began to tremble.

Mercy: Hey why is your hand trembling?

She held my hand for a moment which made my whole body tremble. I felt a sudden chill from my hand to the tip of my spinal cord.

Me: Nothing mam.

It feels so awkward to address your girlfriend as mam.

Mercy: Have you not studied properly?

Me (mind voice): I haven’t even bought the book.

Me: No mam. I was very tired. I was awake till 2PM to study for chemistry exam.

Raj was giving me a weird look.

Mercy: Hmmm you want to know your Maths mark?

Me: Your wish mam.

Mercy: Ok then I’ll tell you during the class hours.

She winked. Mercy does that in a unique manner. It feels awesome to be at the receiving end.

Me: Mam do you take any tuitions at home?

Mercy: No, why?

Me: I’m planning to present a paper on Euler’s theorem mam. Can you please help me with that?

Mercy: Of course Vikram(I like people calling out by my name). No problem. You can come to my home, lets discuss.

She wrote her address in an answer sheet and gave it to me.

The angle from which I saw her writing, her sweet perfume smell, her alternate pink and white bangles everything was like a dream. Everything about her was awesome.

Though I didn’t write anything in the paper I was very happy that day. Raj began to tease me day and night.

Raj: Man how’ll you ask permission from your dad? “Dad I’m in love with my Maths teacher. Shall I marry her?” Ha ha

Arun: Malena effect eh. Ha ha

They began to laugh out loud.

We got our unit test papers, except English and Maths we flunked in all other papers. All three of us got zero in Electron Devices so we were not allowed to enter the class during that period.


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