What the *Beep* Part-8

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Movie Reviews

Me and Raj were busy in our dream world all the time, thinking about our respective loved ones. Arun was getting bored day by day and in the meanwhile he bought a cell.

After a couple of days he got a message.

“Hi dear how r u?”

Arun: Guys do you know this no?

We didn’t know so he didn’t reply for the message and continued with his work. The nextday he again got a message from the same number.

“Hello dear plz reply”

“What the *beep* is your problem you fellow m***** f*****. Why in spite of being my friend you’re such a sadist?”

“Hey plz don’t talk bad words, u don know me I saw u when u bought ur cell”

“I know its one of my friends. Temme who it is or else I’m goin to put your no. in screened list”

“I think u’re in a bad mood I’ll text u tomo. Bye dear”

He threw his cell phone and turned on the computer. Raj was busy reading his “How to speak Hindi in 30 days”.

He was asking me doubts. I’m the only one in our room to know a bit of Hindi. Though I’ve passed only Prathmic these two thought that I’m well versed in Hindi. Silly fellows.

Raj: What is mango in hindi?

Me: Aam

Raj: Then what does aam admi mean?

Me: By any chance have you seen Love AajKal.

Raj: No, Why?

Me (frowning): Aam admi means normal people.

Raj: But it translates to mango people isn’t it? Weird…

The next day Arun got a message from the same number.

“Hi dear, now r u cool?”

“What the *beep* is your problem man”

“I’m not a man I’m a woman, to be precise I’m a girl named Ritu and I want to talk to you”

“K if you so badly wanna talk to me lets meet up at CCD at 6 today evening. What say?”

“Yea sure dear. Anything for u”

“And I wont pay for you”

“ I din ask u to pay. U come that’s more than enuf for me”

Arun: This same fellow keeps on texting me. B******.

Me: Ignore dude.



There wasn’t a single girl around but suddenly someone tapped Arun’s shoulder. When he turned back he saw a beautiful girl in school uniform.

Arun: Yes.

She took her cell and messaged “Hi dear”.

Arun: Hah! What the *beep*, Are you Ritu by any chance.

Ritu: Of course I’m. Ritu Jain.

Arun: Hey kid why did you play with me like this?

Ritu: Don’t call me Kid. Don’t you find me attractive? I know I’m far better than girls of your age. Tell me one thing about me which is not perfect.

She indeed was perfect. Though she was short it was ok for Arun because he was the shortest among us. Arun was dumbstruck but he didn’t show it off.

He gave her a mischievous smile. She too smiled back.

Arun: So wassup babe? By the way can I call you babe? Are you all grown up for this adult stuff?

Ritu: Hey don talk non sense.

She hit him with her elbow in a teasing manner.

Ritu: You can call whatever you want, I’m ok with anything.

Arun: Ok I prefer calling you Ritu. Far better than many other names.

Ritu: Um… Hmm… I’m getting late can you drop me home?

Arun: I don’t have a bike.

Ritu (mockingly): No probs I have my scooty you can use it but do you know to drive?

Arun: Hey…

Saying so, she paid the bill and gave him the key. They both sat in her scooty. Arun was wearing a back pack.

Ritu: Why are you wearing this bag? Remove it.

Arun: No I prefer wearing a bag always.

Ritu: You See… That’s why I like you. You adamant boy…

She hugged him from behind and they started to move.

Arun: So what you’re doing?

Ritu: Hugging you.

Arun: You kids never grow up. What are you studying?

Ritu(with false anger): Don’t call me a kid. I’ll never talk to you if you use that word again. I’m doing 8th standard.

Arun: Oh my f****** god. What’s your age then?

Ritu: 13

Arun: I’m 18. Do you think that you’re up to the task?

Ritu: Hey naughty don’t be silly. Already all the guys are behind me.

Arun: Then may I know why you selected me. I don’t have money, I don’t have bike, I’m not that good looking etc etc

Ritu: But you have your moustache. You look like a man with your moustache.

Saying so, she pinched her cheek.

Arun: Hey slowly.

Ritu: Ok Stop here, my house is at the end of this street we can’t go further together. You go home safely. Don’t see any girls on the way.

She waved him and went away.

Arun was seriously impressed with her. She was cute, short, energetic, young etc.

He came to our room and explained everything that happened. We listened to it without even blinking our eyes.

Me: Dude Seth figure eh?

Arun: I think so. She’s in sowcarpet.

Me: Then definitely Seth. Great man. My life time ambition is to get a Seth girl.

Arun: Ok Ok. Don’t exaggerate. Small girl. This won’t last for long. I don’t think she’ll contact me ever again.

Arun got a call. It was from Ritu.

Raj: You b****** I haven’t even seen Rabia’s face yet and Vikram hasn’t even started talking to Mercy. But you….

He sprang on Arun and tried to grab the phone.

Arun (on phone): Friends… Talk to you later. Bye honey.

He blew a kiss and cut the phone.

We started bashing him.


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