What the *Beep* Part-7

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Movie Reviews

Raj was busy writing chemistry record.

Me: Dude its 11 why are you still writing your record? Whatever you do, Gabriel will find a reason to chuck you out of the lab.

Arun: It’s her record he’s writing.

Me: F*** man. Switch off the lights, I need to sleep otherwise even my eyes will become like hers.

Raj: You people don’t know what love is.

Arun: Yea love is blind. In your case it’s cent percent true.

Chemistry Lab

Ram: Hey Rads can you show me your record? I need to write the result.

Ram took the record and gave it a glance.

Ram: Hey really nice handwriting ya. Let me see the hands which wrote it.

Ram took her hands and she began to blush.

Raj (mind voice): What the *beep* is happening here.

Ram: But Rads have this record. I’ll copy the readings from this guy otherwise we both might get caught. I don’t want you to get caught.

She continued blushing.

Ram: Hey Raj gimme your record.

After looking at the record…

Ram: Dude, improve your handwriting. You can’t write shabbily like this. Learn from Radhika

Raj stared at him and Radhika gave Raj a smile. The lab session got over at last.

Radhika: Hey can you write this experiment too because Gabriel will find out the difference in handwriting if I write.

Raj (murmured):  Huh! You want me to write the whole record isn’t it

Radhika: Did you say something.

Raj: Nope. Give me your record I’ll finish it.

Ram: Rads don’t forget tonight 7’0 clock at Barista.

Radhika: Yea sure Ram.

Raj was watching them depart in the opposite direction.

At home

Raj: That b**** wanted to go to Barista with that fatso so she asked me to write her f****** record

Arun: So, what you did?

Raj: I did nothing.

Arun: Great! Get lost.

Our doorbell rang. I was just coming out of bathroom and Arun was wearing only his brief.

Raj: Who the hell is that?

There was an old lady standing at the door.

Raj: We don’t have any food remaining. Go away.

Saying so, he came back to his place to start writing her record.  The bell rang again. Raj went to open the door. Seeing the old lady…

Raj: How many times should I say? No food.

Old lady: No beta I’m a friend of your house owner. We will be occupying the flat which is in the terrace. She said that you have the key with you. Can you please give me the key?

Raj: Oh sorry, of course I’ve. One minute I’ll get it for you.

He handed over the key to her.

Old lady: Beta as you see I’m very old, can you help me with the luggage?

As soon as we heard her saying that I went to back to the bathroom and Arun hid in the kitchen. With no other option Raj agreed to help her. It took him 3 hours to unload the luggage and put it into their room.

Old lady: Can you do me another favor beta?

Raj gave a sigh but couldn’t refuse.

Raj: Yes what’s that?

Old lady: My granddaughter is on the way to Chennai. She’ll be here in CMBT anytime. Can you please pick her up? Her name is Syed Rabia; she knows only Urdu and a bit of Hindi.

Hearing these words we (Arun and I) came running to the door. That old lady gave us a puzzled looked, only when we looked at each other we came to know the reason. I was in my barely there towel and he was in his almost nothing brief.

We went back to the room to change but Raj had already gone by then.

Raj was busy searching for this girl in CMBT. He went to the reservation chart and checked for her name. Syed Rabia, Age 19. Only one girl was wearing a purdah. He thought that should be her. So he went near her and introduced himself.

Raj was very confident of talking with her because he has got 198 in Sanskrit in his public exam.

Raj: Hi mein Raj thum Syed Rabia?(Hi I’m Raj. Are you Syed Rabia?)

She just nodded.

Raj: Didi… nono… dadibulaya. Hum jaenga? (Your grandma asked me to pick you up. Shall we go?)

She again nodded.

They both got into an auto and came to our house. He had to shell Rs 200 for the auto which she didn’t even mind paying. Well, when have girls ever opened their purse?

We thought of having a glimpse of her but couldn’t as she was fully covered from top to bottom.

Each one of us took a suitcase and went to their flat. That old lady gave us a scorn. She allowed only Raj to enter the flat. We had to stand out.

She came out of the bathroom washing her face, water droplets was still flowing down from her pink cheeks. She was damn fair. Thanks to purdah. As soon as we saw her we dropped our jaw, I dropped my suitcase too.

Arun: f***…

Me: Yes man she’s awesome.

Arun: f**** you’ve dropped your suitcase in my leg.

Me: Oops sorry.

We came back to our room very happily.

Me: Finally a chick in our block.

Arun: Lets party man. What movie?

Raj: Shut up guys? Don’t call her a chick.

Arun (with a puzzled look): A chick is supposed to be called a chick.

Raj: NO. Don’t call her a chick. I love her sincerely.

Me: Oh come on. You’ve hardly seen her.

Raj: But I fell for her as soon as I saw her eyes.

Arun: Better! You’ve at least learnt a lesson. Ha ha

Arun and me couldn’t control our laughter.

Raj: Say whatever you want. I’m going to sincerely love her.

Me: What’ll happen to Radhika?

Raj: You’re talking as if I’ve slept with her. I don’t give a damn about her. She’s a w****.

Me: How suddenly she became a w****?

Arun: As soon as a guy finds a better girl the previous girl becomes a w****. Typical guys psychology.

From that day onwards we went to terrace regularly for exercise, flying kites, drying up the clothes etc but that bloody old horse didn’t allow Arun or me to enter her house. Only Raj had the privilege of entering their house which made him very happy. Lucky b******.


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