What the *Beep* Part-6

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Movie Reviews

It was another boring Monday morning. First period being Maths we all got ready to play Hangman, just then HOD came to our class.

HOD: Good morning students. I know your precious Maths hours have gone waste till now. At last we found a suitable replacement.

We saw someone entering our class.

Me, Arun and Raj (in unison): What the *Beep*

Vinoo: What the *Beep*

Me: Vinoo! Why you too?

Vinoo: She was our Maths teacher in school.

It was her. My her. The Citi Center girl. We didn’t know where to hide as we were terribly embarrassed.

She came to the class and introduced herself.

Mercy: Hi I’m Mercy I’m going to be your Maths teacher from now on. Hope you guys won’t hate me.

Me: How can one hate you my dear.

Mercy: I know by now you all would’ve known each other but I don’t know your names. Will you please introduce yourselves? Shall we start from the last?

I got up

Me: Oh s***. I… I… I’m Vikram. Studied at Citi Center. Chi… SBOA and I’m doing engineering here.

I blabbered something which made the whole class laugh. But she too gave a smile. Wow she looked awesome in her pink sari. The introduction procedure took major part of the period.

Mercy: Ok it’s time to say about myself. I’ve been teaching for the past one year. Your friend Vinoo knows me. I was his Maths teacher in 12th.

Vinoo gave a nod. They both smiled at each other which made me angry.

Mercy: You people know what? I was in Citi Center last week and something interesting happened. Three guys…

We bowed our heads in shame.

Mercy: Three guys started chasing me. They came to fruit of the looms and …

Arun: S*** man we’re f***** up

Mercy: and tried to …

Raj: gone

Mercy: tried to steal my purse. Luckily I got away.

Arun: Thank god she didn’t say anything about Chiku juice.

Me: Huh! Thank God.

She gave us a wink. My heart began to melt.

I was staring at her for the whole hour and then I gathered some information from Vinoo.

Me: Dude, bio data.

Vinoo: Mercy, Age 24, well bred, sexy too, studied in a foreign university, Michigan or Miami, not sure. Divorcee.

Me: What the *Beep*.

Vinoo: Yea. Our school Bio teacher was mad about her. They both were in a relationship for some time, then they got married but only after marriage she came to know that he is a loafer and has roamed with many girls, so they separated the same day. They got divorced later.

Me: Oh! First night?

Vinoo: I know you’d ask that, ha ha, nothing has happened. Don’t worry.

I sighed of relief.

Vinoo: Why asking all these details?

Me: Nothing. Just like that.

I was really happy that day. Couldn’t listen to any lectures, though that’s usual. After being in dream for the whole day we went to our room in the evening.

Arun: Dude, You trying to hit on her?

Me: Not hit. I love her sincerely.

Raj: What? You love our maths teacher.

Me: Yes. We all fancied her yesterday; just because she’s our maths teacher you people stopped that but I can’t be like you guys.

Raj: But she’s 24. Six years elder to you. It’s not ethical.

Me: Yea maybe. But it’s legal. Take Sachin as example.

Raj: Sachin has so many records but you don’t take those things as example. Only this. Beautiful…

Me: See… What’s your age?

Raj: 19

Arun: Don’t lie. He’s 20. Uncle.

Raj: OK 20 so what?

Me: What’s Trisha’s age?

Raj: 28

Me: When you love Trisha who’s 8 years elder to you why can’t I love Mercy who’s just 6 years elder to me?

Arun: He even sees our neighborhood aunty who’s 42.

Raj didn’t have anything to say.

Arun: Ok jokes apart. Don’t give a damn about these people. They’ll keep on discouraging you. If you think she’s the one for you just go for it.

Arun gave me the much needed confidence. From then on I started to prepare very hard for Maths.

We had our first unit test in a month. I had flunked only in circuit analysis till then. Maths papers were yet to come. Mercy came to our class with Maths papers. I was terribly tensed.

Mercy: Class. First of all a round of applause for you guys. Not even a single failure. Very good.

I know I won’t fail, I was expecting a centum.

Vinoo(in a romantic tone): How will one fail when you’re teaching Mercy

Arun got 65, Vinoo 82, Varun 94. All were getting good marks. Only Raj’s paper and mine were with her.

Mercy: Vikram.

The whole class went silent. They knew that I had a crush on her. Mercy didn’t give any reaction on seeing the paper that made me think I’ve fared badly.

Mercy: 98. Very good.

Saying this she gave her hand. I couldn’t control my happiness; I was flying in the sky and was broadly smiling like a pig. Now please don’t ask me how a pig smiles. You people can see something similar to pig’s smile in VH1s Rock Rules ad. The whole class applauded and they started to mind their work.

Mercy: Raj

He went to collect his paper.

Mercy: Class! I had this paper till last because you’re friend got centum.

She patted his shoulder. My heart broke again. I became very furious on the other hand Raj was very happy. I didn’t know whether it was for the marks he scored or for the pat he got. I got really pissed off.


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