What the *Beep* Part-5

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Movie Reviews


Citi Centre

The worst thing about Rs 10 ticket is, one has to wait for 2, 3 hours to get into the theatre.

We went inside Citi Centre but none of the shops were open, without much choice we went to beach, had breakfast there and came back at 9.30. Our movie was scheduled at 11AM so we still had 1 ½ hours to kill.

We went to Landmark as we always do. Raj went to DVD section to see whether he’s up to date with his collection. Arun and I went to magazine section to check out fashion magazines. With Vogue in his hand he sat in some corner, I took GQ and we started looking at the pictures.

Just then something happened. There was pleasant lavender smell… hmm…. Nowadays when people drench in perfume a pleasant perfume smell was a rarity. Though Kate Moss’s topless picturewas hard to resist I had to look up to see who that was. That was when I saw her. My angel. My dream girl. Blue jeans, sleeveless yellow tops with noodle strap, straightened hair.

I started following her without my knowledge, stood behind her in the queue. She went away after getting the bill. When I was about to follow her, the cashier took the book in my hand.

Cashier: Congrats sir, there is a discount for this book today. The price is just Rs 645.

Me: What the *Beep*. But I’ve already seen all the pictures.

Cashier: Sir?

Me: I mean I’ve already read the book. I came to enquire whether this is the latest edition.

Saying so, I went out of the queue. I started following her and my friends started following me. She entered a fruit shop, we too followed her.  I could feel someone standing beside me. Only when I turned that side I could see Raj and Arun already drooling.

The attendant in the shop came to us. If it was any other day we would have started flirting with her because she was damn cute. But my angel beat her in all aspects.

Attender: May I help you sir?

Me: Yes. Chicku juice. One by three.

Attender: Sir?

Me: You don’t have? Ok bring any juice you have.

Attender: But sir this is not a juice shop.

Me: Then what the hell is this place. You have all the fruits in your logo.

Attender: I think you’ve mistaken sir. We’re actually Fruit of looms, an exclusive underwear shop.

Me: What? Do you have a shop only for underwear’s? Weird…

Attender: Yes sir and today there’s a special offer. If you buy ladies underwear you’ll get a discount of Rs 500.

Me: Discount of 500? Then what’s the rate.

Attender: After discount it’s just Rs 1495. You can gift it to your girlfriend sir.

As soon as she said the price, Arun and Raj went out.

Me: Oh! Girlfriend. Ok. I think I’ve missed my card I’ll buy some other time.

My angel turned and smiled at us, looking at all the things happening.

Raj: 1495 for underwear? Even our combined canteen fee is less than that dude.

Me: Leave that. Did you see her?

Arun: Ya man awesome *&(&^*(%

Me: She’s the one man. She’s the one. She smiled at me, did you see that?

Raj: Not only her, the whole shop smiled at you.

Arun: Yea even the underwear’s. ha ha.

Saying this they started to laugh there a** out.

Me: Shut the f*** guys. I’ve been saying na, my dream girl, the one I used to see in my dreams. It’s her. The same yellow tops, the same blue jeans, the same straightened hair. Just when she turns to look at me his f***** condom music starts and disrupts my dream.

Raj: Hmm so that’s the reason why you hate my song.

With her thoughts fully occupied we went to the theatre. I couldn’t watch the movie, all time I was thinking about her. Even the heroine in the movie turned into my angel.

Finally we came out of the moving hall and started walking towards the parking lot and they again started to fight.

Arun: What the *beep* is this movie all about?

Raj: Why, what’s wrong with the movie?

Arun: Was there any logic in it? Next time if you call me for these type of movies I’m gonna kick your a**.

Raj: Huh! It’s far better than you’re Toronto movies.

Arun: It’s not Toronto it’s Tarantino. God!

Raj: Whatever. What was so damn silly as you say?

Arun: Every f***** thing. Almost all the songs were copied. And this guy, why was he scratching the guitar in that US song. And how come a guy who talks in Tanglish for the whole movie suddenly sings a gaana song?

Raj: Dude he was drunk at that time.

Arun: So once you drink you’ll forget English eh?

It went on and on. I hardly listened. I suddenly saw her getting into her car.

Me: Guys look there.

Arun: Wow man BMW. Great catch. (Twinkling his eyes) Far better than some girls in our class.

They started fighting again. I ran to her car to look at her again. Arun and Raj followed me. Seeing us coming towards her she smiled at us and went away.

From then I couldn’t concentrate on anything. I did literally nothing on Sunday. Even during class hours I used to dream about her. As our Maths class was a free period that was the only time I used to talk with my friends and that too only about her. The whole week went like that.


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