What the *Beep* Part-4

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Movie Reviews

Pyaar hua ikraar hua  …

Me: *Beep*. When the hell are you going to change your ringtone man?

Arun: Please don’t start it again. Leave it.

We got ready quickly and went to the bus stop just in time. We saw 4, 5 girls (seniors) standing there. Hope less. We were pretty disappointed.

Arun: Don’t lose heart let’s check in the bus.

But to our dismay a college with strength of 3142 students didn’t have a single chick. We went to our class with our heads down.

First period was Maths, the one subject I somewhat like. It was a free period that day as the teacher had not come.

The seating arrangement had changed. All hostel guys were sitting in our row and day scholars were sitting in the parallel row. The politics already started. Only we got the same row. We were thankful to them.

Seeing the door Raj got excited.

Raj: See there (Pointing to the door)

Me: Oh! So that’s Radhika. Not bad. (She wasn’t really impressive. Raj exaggerated a lot)

Raj: What do you mean by not bad? She’s awesome. Looks like an angel.

Arun: Yea she’s pretty good. First introduce her to us.

Raj: Even I’ve not talked to her. How can I introduce her to you guys?

Arun: I don’t know, Introduce.

Raj: You a****** get lost.

We kept on pestering him. We didn’t notice Gabriel entering the class. Radhika smiled at Gabriel as soon as he entered the class but he didn’t even give a glance.

As usual while dictating notes Gabriel went around the class. Radhika didn’t know that she had to draw margin so he asked her to get out of the class. As soon as we saw her getting out of the class we started rubbing our margin by getting an eraser from Varun. Eventually we were also sent out.

While we were standing out we could hear Radhika weeping. The kind of weeping girls do to grab a guy’s attention, without any tears.

Arun whispered to Raj.

Arun: This is your best chance do something.

Raj: Do what?

Arun: I don’t know do something and introduce us to her.

Saying so, he pushed Raj towards Radhika.

Raj: Hi Radhika, hope you remember me. I’m your batch mate in chemistry lab.

Radhika: So you’re Ram.

Raj got irritated but didn’t show off.

Raj: No i think you got confused. I’m not Ram I’m Raj.

Radhika (innocently): ohhh! The one who went out of the class?

Raj got pissed off again.

Raj: Yea the same one. By the way this is Arun and this is Vikram.

We sheepishly smiled at her. One thing guys don’t know is how to react when a girl says ‘hi’.

Radhika (to Raj): How come you know my name?

Raj (blabbered): Hmm well… your name is before mine in attendance list, so…

The bell rang and we got into our class for the English period. We went to our place bidding adieu to Radhika.

Raj (excitedly): So guys, how was my girl?

Me: What? When did she become your girl?

Raj (turning to Arun): You tell Arun. This idiot doesn’t know a thing.

Arun: Get lost.

Raj (confused): Why? What happened?

Arun: I didn’t know whether she was looking at you or me.

Raj: What?

Arun: She has squint eyes man.

Raj: You bloody b****** just because she talked to me you’re jealous.  Accept it.

Arun: Who? Me? Jealous of a squint eyed girl. No way. By the way when did she talk to you? You were the one who did all the talking.

Arun: You (*^%$^& (*^&^%

Raj pounced on Arun and started to fight. It took a while to remove Raj’s lock on Arun.

Me (silently): Did she really have squint eye?

Arun: Yes dude. Didn’t you notice?

Me: No. How come he didn’t notice?

Arun: Was he looking at her. He was staring at the ground like an about to get wed bride.

Even I checked during lunch time. She really was squint eyed.  I thought of making Raj understand but he called me squint eye so I stepped out.

Arun didn’t talk much to us the next day.

It was a boring Friday that day with 4 hours of engineering drawing where we were asked to draw A, B, C, D…

Finally we went to our house fully exhausted. We (Me and Arun) thought of watching a movie that evening. So as soon as we got home Arun got ready with a DVD. He has a huge collection of DVDs.

Me: What film?

Arun: Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid.

Me: What genre? Horror? (I had to confirm because I hate horror flicks)

Arun: Nope, Western.

When I was about to get up…

Raj: No English movies. I want to watch Bommarelu.

We were in no mood to fight and spoil the weekend so we just let him watch. We slept during that time and watched Butch Cassidy after he slept.

The next day we planned for a movie. As it was Surya’s birthday there was a special screening of VaranamAyiram.

We went to Citi Centre well in advance to get Rs 10 tickets. As I know when and where to get tickets things were pretty easy.

Just to kill time we entered Citi Centre.


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