What the *Beep* Part-3

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Movie Reviews


Physics lab

Caleb: You people are lucky to get a lab session on day 1. I know you won’t be having your observation and stuff so invest this time usefully like mingling with people, making friends. But don’t make too much noise or else I’ll get caught.

How many times does one get a teacher like this?

10 among 24 girls were in Arun’s group. As they were divided into groups of 4 he luckily or unluckily got 3 girls as his batch mates. Nothing to rave about but at least he can perfect his flirting skills.

He got Anjana, Archana and Akshaya as his batch mates. Out of which Anjana and Archana can be considered as best among worst.

Archana (talkative of the lot): Hey why all of you are so dull. We won’t get free hours like this hereafter so let’s have some fun.

Thanks to Archana, everyone started talking with each other. Suddenly someone interrupted in the middle. It was Ajay.

Ajay: Hey girls I’m Ajay and (pointing to Arun) you must be Arun who thinks you’re very talented.

Arun (quite ferociously): Of course I’m Arun and I don’t think I’m talented. I am talented. What bothers you buddy?

Ajay: Dude, don’t get tensed I was just joking.

And thus the enmity started.

He came out of the lab by asking permission from Caleb.

The same 1:00PM

Chemistry lab

Raj’s batch mates were Ram, Rajesh and Radhika. Out of which Radhika was not there. Gabriel didn’t give any time for them to get properly introduced. They had to start with their titration. Just then Radhika entered. She came as a welcome relief for all the guys. She was not really attractive but far better than many girls in our class.

Before even Radhika could ask permission, Gabriel allowed her inside. All were amazed as they couldn’t believe that Gabriel has let a student inside the lab in spite of coming late.

Gabriel (to her): This must be the last time. Next time I won’t allow you to get inside even if you’re a second late.

Raj became very happy when she came and stood near him. Before he could strike a conversation Ram started to flirt.

Ram: Heyya. I didn’t see any pretty girl in the morning session. I guess you were not there in our class.

Radhika blushed but Raj didn’t know what was funny in that statement and to add insult to the injury Ram’s English was excellent, probably the best in class.

Radhika(to Ram): The bus I came broke down in the middle so had to come by public bus. So I got late.

They both shook hands. Raj got pretty pissed off. He didn’t know what to do. He too got an enemy. RAM.

Out of anger he took his pipette, burette etc and started with his titration. Raj was a topper in his school but he didn’t know that Ram too was a topper.

Raj completed his experiment and in order to impress Radhika, went to Gabriel and showed his flat bottomed flask. Raj knew that it was the exact answer as he has done the experiment numerous times during his 12th class.

Gabriel looked at him from top to bottom

Gabriel: Get out

Raj (to himself): What the *beep*.

Raj: Sir, but…

Before he could react Gabriel turned away. Raj had no other option, but to leave the lab.

While going outside, our lab assistant (Mustafa) came to him and whispered.

Mustafa: Kanna, wear the first button.

Raj: Oh f*** thank you.

Raj realized how big a mistake he has made and went out depressed.

Again the same 1:00PM

Carpentry lab

I was fortunate to get known people as my group mates as I don’t have to start with my “about me” all over again. I hate to introduce myself.

My group had Vinoo, Varun and one girl Vishali. She was nothing short of a spectacle. If you see her from a distance of 10 meters you can’t differentiate between her and an apocalypto pig. Such a sheer beauty you see.

I was supposed to stand next to her but pushed Vinoo to that place. Vinoo usually gets along well. Even I get along well, but only with guys.

As I didn’t have anything to get distracted I started to concentrate on my wooden plank. While I was seriously doing my experiment I saw Vinoo sharing a joke with Apocalypto.

Me (in a low pitch): What the *beep* man? Are you trying to hit on her?

Vinoo: You won’t understand dude. Wait and see. Will come in handy some other time.

Me: Whatever.

I almost completed my experiment as I was very good at it. Just then our professor (we don’t know his name, we call him Uncle Scrooge because of his weird voice) came.

Uncle Scrooge: What are you doing? (In a ferocious, actually funny voice)

Me (staring at him blankly): I’m on verge of completing sir.

Uncle Scrooge: I want discipline first.

I didn’t know what he was talking about. Due to Chennai heat I usually don’t wear the first button. I checked whether I was wearing my first button. Everything was fine. So I again stared back at him

Uncle Scrooge: Where is your lab coat?

Me (mind voice): What the *beep*.

As usual I went out without protesting.

As I got out of the lab I saw Arun and Raj waiting for me. They welcomed me with a big grin. We all exchanged our stories and got on to our bus after our disastrous first day in college.

Me: Guys don’t get disappointed. Still there is hope. Don’t lose heart. We may find some chicks tomorrow. In a college of 3000 there should be at least one chick. After all God is not so bad.

Raj: Oh thanks for reminding. You know what? A new girl came to my lab. Her roll number is before mine. She looks great dude.

Arun: F**** then why were you silent till this time?

We discussed about her and went to our room. We were all excited to see her and also have a look at our seniors.


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