What the *Beep* Part-2

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Movie Reviews


After the bell

Me: *Beep*

Arun: What?

Me: 9’o clock

Arun (turning to his left): Huh!

Raj: What?

Arun: 9’o clock

Raj (looking at his watch): It’s 10 dude.

Arun: F**** turn to your left.

Raj: Oh! No.

He was disappointed.

Varun: Wassup, you people seem to be disappointed. You guys didn’t like my intro eh?

Arun (in a feeble voice): Huh was it an intro? It was a bloody speech buddy.

Raj interrupted in the middle

Raj: Look to your left Varun.

Varun: Yea it’s Manoj. What about him?

Raj: No, not him. Look at the next row.

Varun: Ya girls. What about them. I’ve a couple of friends there too.

Me: Don’t call them girls.

Varun: why?

Me: Don’t you know why? Not even a single chick. Our life is doomed man. I don’t know how I’m going to sit in this class for the next four years.

Varun: Don’t talk like that man. We’ve come here to study. Only if we study we can prosper in life, get a good job, get a good girl etc

Me: So everything we do is for girls’ right? That’s why I’m thinking about them from now on.

Varun: No it’s not like….

I interrupted in the middle.

Me: Dude, go get some sleep.

The second professor came to our class. He was wearing a badge with his name (Gabriel Jon Victor) written over it. In our college all the teachers are supposed to wear badges but no one wears except Gabriel. Gabriel entered our class in a flash and started dictating notes.

Gabriel: Take the note book. Let’s start with the first topic. Aromatic Hydrocarbons.

He was not even giving us time to react.

Gabriel: What are you waiting for? Take it down.  Aromatic hydrocarbons are basically used for the …..

He started going around the class while dictating notes. As usual the first one to get caught was me.

Gabriel: What’s your name?

Me: Vikram.

Gabriel: Get out

I didn’t protest. Went out without asking why?

Gabriel: Next

Arun: I’m Arun sir.

Gabriel: Get out.

Arun was about to ask why? But Gabriel was in no mood to listen

He too went out with a puzzled look in his face. No one knew why Gabriel was sending everyone out of the class.

Only Varun was sitting inside. He took class (read as dictated notes) only for him. Finally the bell rang. The next professor came and enquired whether it’s Gabriel’s class. We all nodded. He gave a smile and stood outside the class waiting for Gabriel to finish his lecture.


Sir to Gabriel: You seem to have this as a ritual.

Gabriel smiled and went away.

Sir: Come in guys. (Pointing at us)

We all got inside the class.

Sir: Hey guys, I’m Caleb. The one subject I absolutely hate is physics. I don’t know whether it’s my bad luck or yours, I’m going to teach you physics.

The whole class started laughing. Even I smiled but didn’t find the sentence really funny. I generally don’t like professors cracking jokes. Half of the time they don’t understand that we laugh at them and not for their jokes.

Caleb: I don’t want to bore you by my lecture today, instead let us play a game.

All got excited, including me.

Caleb: The rules are simple. I don’t know what to name this game as such. But here are the rules. The first person should say his/her name. The second person should say the first person’s name as well as their name. Let the game begin (‘Saw’ theme music came to my mind at that instant).

I was about to get up but he asked the girl in the first row to start the proceedings. So I’ll be last guy. I’ve to tell all the names of my classmates. I was waiting for my turn. Some guys were really impressive, especially the guy in front of me (Vinoo). He almost gave the correct name of everyone. Finally it was my turn. I couldn’t even remember the second girl’s name. I was really pissed off.

Me (to Vinoo): How come you said all the names correctly dude?

Vinoo: See here (he said showing his notebook)

It had all the names neatly written in the order. Clever guy.

Vikram: Haha. By the way I’m Vikram you wouldn’t have written my name in there.

Vinoo (with a wink): oh yea. I’m Vinoo, if you don’t know still.

The lunch bell rang and with that we went to experience the next disaster. On the way to canteen we couldn’t even spot a single chick. (Imagine our fate). Not even a single chick. So we didn’t feel like eating. Just had a puff and came back to class dejected.

Next was our lab session. There were 3 labs for us in the first semester. 20 students were allocated to each lab. Arun went to Physics lab happily, Raj left to Chemistry lab in anger and I went to Carpentry lab with no idea.


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