What the *Beep* Part-17

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Movie Reviews

The letter was from HR who interviewed Arun. He had written there, “If you think you could direct 3 idiots better, why don’t you become a director?

Me: Leave it dude some people are plain rude.

Raj: Vikram, why are you scolding the HR.  This fellow would have talked some s*** about Indian cinema. That would’ve made the HR angry. For him only Hazare knows to direct movies.

Arun: It’s now Hazare its Herzog.

Raj: Whatever.

Me: Ok leave it. Let’s prepare for Infosys. It doesn’t have a technical round, so it’s my last genuine chance.

Raj: Huh it has vocabs. I can’t clear it for sure. I’ve already started preparing for Tech Mahindra. By the way we’ll be getting our results tomorrow. We didn’t even touch the book in the previous semester. We’ve to clear all subjects with 68% and above to sit for exams remember it.

We got our results the next day. I got 68% sharp so felt relieved. Raj got 74%, his lowest till date. Arun got 5 arrears. Raj was sad for his as well as for Arun’s result.

Raj: Sorry dude. I scolded you fearing this. Now you can’t attend any placement test. You should have got the previous job.

Arun: Leave it. I’m actually thinking about the letter. Why don’t I become a director?

Raj: What the *beep*. Be practical, all these things are not possible. Study well and try to clear all the papers by this semester. At least then you can apply for off campus interviews.

Arun: Seriously, I don’t think I’m made for IT companies. I don’t want to be a bench warmer there. Films are my passion let me do films.

Raj: This guy is hopeless Vikram, come lets study for Infosys.

After Pongal holidays, on January 20th we had Infosys exam. 7th semester results were disaster for our department so many couldn’t attend the written test. But I did the test fairly well. Raj was very much afraid as he didn’t do it that well.

To our surprise we both got through the written test. We quickly ran to the rest room to wear full sleeved shirt and tie for the first time in life.

After a couple of guys I went for the HR round. There she asked me about basic stuffs like about me, project, percentage etc. I blabbered something and came out of the hall. It was Raj’s turn next.

HR: Hello Raj. Take your seat.

Raj: Thank you mam.

HR: Don’t call me mam. Call me Nisha.

Raj: Ok mam. Sorry ok Nisha.

HR: Ok Raj, tell me about yourself.

Raj: I’m Raj I’m from Madurai. I badly want this job mam. I’ve to marry my sister. Sorry sorry I’ve to earn some money for my sister’s marriage and my mother is also not feeling well.

HR: Ok Chill Raj I can understand your state. Drink some water. You’re like my child. Don’t get tensed. Relax.

Raj: Ok mam.

HR: Hmm you got school first eh?

Raj’s face brightened.

Raj: Yes mam 1133. Even my yahoo id is imraj_1133@yahoo.com

He especially created an id for this question.

HR: Ok Raj that’s it. You may leave.

Raj: Oh ok mam. Thank you. Thanks for your time.

Arun, Varun and I were waiting for him outside the hall.

Me: What happened?

Raj: She told me that I’m like his son.

Arun: Then you’ll surely get the job. No worries.

Raj: Hope so.

Me: What else did she ask?

Raj: She asked me to address her by her name. She’s 20 years elder to me. How could I call her by name?

Me: This is IT for you.

Raj: Hey its 4’o clock Arun. You and Varun can leave, otherwise you may miss the college bus.

Arun: It’s ok let the results come we’ll go by government bus.

Someone from the HR department called me for interview once again. I hurried to the HR room without wearing the tie properly and with no certificates in my hand.

The HR this time was a middle aged gentleman.

HR: Hmm so you’re Vikram.

Me: Yes sir.

HR: Please be seated Vikram. You don’t have to stand.

Me: Thanks sir.

HR: Tell me about your project.

I blabbered about my project. The interview went on for a while. He asked me questions about my project, quiz competition, symposium etc

HR: Huge cricket buff um!

I got excited.

Me: Anything for cricket sir.

HR: Ok if you get a chance to play for the district team as well as an appointment for this job which one will you choose?

I got confused but I didn’t want to do the mistake that Arun did.

Me: Of course this job sir. I like cricket but I can’t take that as a profession. It’s just a hobby.

HR: I’m impressed Vikram. See you soon.

Me:  Sure sir. Thanks for your time.

I came out of the hall feeling satisfied.

Raj: How was it?

Me: Full of lies.

Arun: Then you’ll surely get it. No worries.

Results were announced. Raj and I got placed. We were so excited; we didn’t know what to do. We ran around the whole college shouting and hooting. It was a very happy moment for both of us. Arun and Varun gave us a huge hug.

Varun: At last light at end of the tunnel eh?

Arun: Be careful guys it may be a train coming from the opposite end.

Me: Ha ha. Let’s party after going home. Come soon we may miss the last bus. It’s already 10.

Raj: What? Bus? We’re Infoscions man lets go by cab. Book the cab. Just Rs.500.

Me: We’ve to clear the training first. Heard that the pass mark there is 65. I’ve never got 65 in theory subject till now.

The next two months was fun. We didn’t do exams well. Arun was not at all interested in exam. But Raj and I cleared. He got 80%, I got 70%. Arun still had an arrear.

Arun was busy preparing his website www.thefilmtent.com (which really exists). He couldn’t even come to our send off because he had FTII exam at that time.

I was accompanied by my dad so couldn’t have much fun in train. The train to Mysore was filled with freshers. They all were having a hell lot of fun. Our train was late by a couple of hours so dad couldn’t accompany us to the DC.

We took a prepaid auto and got into it.

Raj: Still auto. Huh. Man we’re Infoscions.

Me: Shut the f*** up and get inside.

Raj: Wow. Mysore. No heat, no dust, full of chicks. It’s going to be awesome man.

Me: And BigB too.

Raj: Who? The one from IT? Seriously, you have an awful taste dude.

Me: Dude she has an awesome…..

Raj: Ok I know what it is. Get down, the place has come.

The autowala asked for a tip which I refused to give.

Raj: Dude we’re IT guys. In 1 year we’ll get a car, in 2 years onsite, in 3 years own house and in 4 years marriage. We’re settled man. Can’t you give him just Rs.10?

Saying so, he gave Rs.20 as tip. At that instant I got a message from Arun, “Arun is an artist from today“. As soon as I got the message I called him.

Me: Great dude

Arun: Thanks man. Only 2 years then even you can do something.

Me: Getting a job was my dream. I got it. It’s enough.

Arun: I know you love cricket. Just for the heck of it you joined this company. After repaying your dad you too can pursue your dream.

Me: I have no such ideas. Ok leave it.  We’ll come to Pune once. Let’s celebrate there. Direct a film soon. We’ll watch in Sathyam Rs.10 ticket.Cya.

Arun: Bye dude. All the best. Quit soon.

Me: Hah ok ok. Bye.

We took our luggage and turned around.  We were astonished to see such a beautiful campus. One look at the campus and we were like…

Raj and I: What the *Beep*



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