What the *Beep* Part-16

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Movie Reviews

Finally we were in our final semester. The very thought of being a senior excited us.

Raj: Wow. Now we can see any girl we want. Every girl is ours.

Me: As if we didn’t see anyone when we were juniors.

Arun: Yea someone even saw a girl who was already married.

Me: Ok now don’t dig into the past.

Sixth semester results were good for us. Arun had only one arrear and we both had cleared with decent percentage.

Raj: It’s time to be serious man. We have to get a job somehow.

Me: Yea man. I’ve to repay my dad his 5 lakhs that he spent for my donation.

Arun: Guys take a chill pill. Don’t be serious be sincere.

Raj: Ya both. I’ve bought R.S. Agarwal. See how sincere I’m.

Me: Buying is easy studying is tough.

Arun: By the way did you guys read about recession. Experts are saying that it may lead to second great depression.

Me: Recession, depression. It sounds like Greek and Latin to me.

Raj: Will we get job or not?

Arun: That’s what I’m saying. If our neighbor loses his job its recession if we ourselves lose our job its depression. Am I clear?

He indeed was very clear. Knowing that we won’t be getting any job we stopped studying. We sold the book to buy a bottle of vodka and limca.

Seventh semester was fun. Vinoo and I bunked almost all the classes for quiz preparation for our college symposium. It was a huge success. I felt great. But when he got second chance to prepare a quiz for our college juniors he included ‘his’ friends instead of me. It really pissed me off. I thought Arun was right in hating Vinoo.

Romanov became our integral part of life. It was she who took us to great heights during that semester. For the seventh semester holidays we didn’t go to our home. All twenty four days we boozed day and night. Life was a heaven then.

During one such instance I opened my orkut account without my knowledge. There was a message from Minita.

Arun: Minitaummm. What’s this. “What you did is wrong. Don’t repeat it. Did you get that?”

Raj: Vikram are you crying. Arun see here.

Arun: Don’t be a d*** man. Stop crying. Boys don’t cry. Tell me wasssup.

I showed him all the conversations that happened between Minita and me for the past two years. I had saved each and every one of them.

Arun: What the *beep*. What have you done? Why the hell were you so weird? Why were you so submissive man? You are lot better than this. What did really happen?

Raj: Do you have her pic?

I showed them her picture.

Raj: Its ok man you can spot millions of girls like this every other day in Spencers.

Arun: Where you lying on this girls leg for the past one year. Looks like a retarded lizard. Just forget her. There are thousand fishes in the ocean.

Me: But she is a golden fish. She was perfect, just how I imagined my girl to be. I thought of giving you guys a surprise after winning her love. But see what happened.

Arun: If you were so desperate why did you behave like a loser? She’d have thought you as a p****. You must have been a little brave. Should have scolded her at least once. You should have shown her that you’re a man. Girls don’t like submissive guys’ dude.

I continued sobbing. They both tried to console me saying that she didn’t look good. But I knew that even they liked her. She was awesome. Good that these things happened just before New Year. I took a resolution of not talking to her again and also I was very clear that I shouldn’t booze or smoke like all guys do after they lose their love.

I quit smoking and drinking on New Year. Good news came that day. Our first placement was scheduled on January 14th. We were so excited. The following days we studied for more than 10 hours a day. Knowing that the selection process will be tough we prepared very hard.

It was our D-Day. We all were very eager and wished each other. Arun, Raj and I had exams at different points of time. Raj wasn’t very happy after the exam. He said that he got only one comprehension out of 3 from Barons. It was same for me. Arun got 2. But Raj had written other parts well.

The results were put up in the conference hall. Arun’s name was first. It was followed by Varun, Vinoo, Ram etc. My name and Raj’s name was not there. Though I didn’t feel bad Raj was very dejected. Straightaway we went and sat in the bus.

Arun: It’s ok dude. Take a chill pill you’ll get the next placement.

Raj: You have your chill pill and f*** pill. How the f*** do you suppose that I get a job. In spite of studying day and night and having an aggregate of over 80% with no history of arrears I couldn’t clear the test. How’ll I ever get a job?

Me: Chill man. It’s ok. Don’t give up. We’ll get through somehow.

Raj: You wasted all your time watching movies with him. Now see he cleared the test but you didn’t. What are you going to do now? Job is more important than movies.

Me: It’s ok man.

Raj: Nothing is ok. We’ve teased all the girls in our class for not looking good but not even a single girl has come and talked to us.

Me: Where did this come from?

Raj: Think man. Not even one. Not even apocalypto, the worst girl in our class. Because you we are f***** losers man. We don’t have a job.

Those words of Raj made me think. Not only me, girls have never come and talked to the whole of our gang. Raj studies well, I Play well, Arun has a helllotta movie knowledge. Still no girl has ever come and talked to us. At least for the sake of that I had to get a job.

Raj slept without eating dinner. Arun and I too slept in quite a few minutes. That was the first time I genuinely felt happy for someone. I so badly wanted him to win, to get this job and that was the first time I prayed for someone other than me.

The next day Arun managed technical interview quite well and entered the HR round.

HR: Yes Arun. Welcome. Please be seated.

Arun: Thanks sir.

HR: How are you Arun? How was the semester holiday this time.

Arun: As I stay with my roommates it’s always fun sir.

HR: Tell me about your hobbies Arun. Your likes, dislikes…

Arun: Movies, movies, movies. Movies are my passion sir. I could sit a day long without having food watching movies back to back.

HR: Great even I’m a movie buff. Did you catch up with 3 idiots? What’s your take on that?

Arun: It was just another crap sir. I seriously don’t know when our directors aregonna grow up. He made a mess outta the story by including silly ‘friendship’ element. This is how Indian directors cheat the people. I’m not against sentiment but the crux of the story shouldn’t be altered for any sake sir.

HR: Hmm by the way I’m a big Aamir Khan fan. You seem to be a bit harsh on the movie.

Arun: You may be his fan sir. But if the same movie had been taken by me I’d have done a better job sir.

HR: Is it so. Ok Arun that’s it. You may leave.

Arun came home with a letter in his hand. I ran home and snatched the letter from him. Raj and I looked into the letter shocked.


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