What the *Beep* Part-15

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Movie Reviews

We all were getting dressed up. Raj couldn’t do it himself so Varun was helping him.

Raj: Oh please! Someone please help me. These guys are molesting me.

Varun gave him a tight slap which made Raj steady. We all got dressed but the vodka stench was still there.

We planned to go through the gate one by one as if coming from different bus. Varun and Vinoo entered but we three got caught by our dark lord.

Me: Oh s*** I think he smelled our vodka stink.

Raj: Arun you stink more than us. Leave some gap and stand man.

In our college we were not allowed to go inside the premises without an ID card so we immediately checked our ID card which was in place.

He came closer to us.

Dark Lord: You three filthy idiots. Don’t you know how to come to college?

We bowed our heads down.

Dark Lord: Just because you have exam today I’m leaving you. Next time if you come to college without tucking your shirts I’ll make you guys to stand at the same place for the whole day.

Arun: Shirt eh? Huh!

Me: S*** man today is our exam we totally forgot it.

Raj: All because of you. If we had not got drunk, all these things wouldn’t have happened.

Me: You blame on me again.

Raj: We are going to be the first ones in the history of our college to flunk in practical exam.

Arun: This is what you tell every time but you end up getting 80%

Me: Damn it guys. Let’s fight afterwards. First let us go to HOD room to collect records.

Raj: Ya at least we can escape from getting zero.

We ran to the HOD room.

Me: Excuse me mam.

HOD: What time is your exam?

Arun: 10’o clock mam.

HOD: What’s the time now?

Arun: B**** can’t you see that yourself.

HOD: What’s that?

Me:  It’s 9 mam.

HOD: Is this the time to come to exam.

Arun: But we are one hour before the exam time.

HOD: Shut up. How dare you talk against me? You’re not getting your record. Stand right there.

Arun: What the *Beep* is her problem man. Bloody retarded lady.

Raj: Now we’re not even going to get the twenty marks for internals. Great to have you as guys as friends. Meanwhile I need to p**.

Me: Wait for some time. Let us get the record first.

After an hour

Raj: Man my bladder is bursting. I’ll come right away.

HOD came out of her room.

HOD: Can’t you even ask for a sorry. I don’t know how you guys are going to graduate. I can see some pain only in Raj’s face. You two are fit for nothing.

We couldn’t control our laughter. As soon as she went Raj took the record and hurried to the restroom.

Arun: F*** you’re p**ing in wash basin dude.

Raj: Urinals are full man. I can’t control it further.

We both were waiting for him outside.

Me: Dude its 10:30 come soon.

Raj: Arghhhh

We rushed inside the restroom.

Me: What happened?

Raj: Zip got stuck man.

Me: It’s ok come.

Raj: It got stuck with my p****.

Arun: That’s a serious problem.

Me: For now wear this lab coat and adjust. We’ll see what we can do.

We lifted him and let him in his lab.

Raj: Oh my god I’m going to wear a lab coat for Digital Signal Processing lab. That’s a f***** computer lab man.

After our lab we reached our room

Me: Arun how was the exam?

Arun: Lab assistant helped me. So I think I’d clear. For you

Me: Copied from Vinoo. You Raj?

Raj: For f***’s sake I’ve my p**** stitched up in my pant. How to get rid of this?

Arun: Get rid of what? P****?

Me: ha ha. No tension. Main hoon na.

Raj: This is what you tell every time but you’ve done nothing till now.

Me: Arun take a bottle of oil and scissors lets operate.

Raj: My life is in your hand man. Please be careful.

Arun lit a cigarette and switched off the light.

Raj: Why did you switch off the light?

Arun: Only then we’ll have operation theatre effect.

Me: Pour some oil over there.

While pouring, Arun accidentally dropped the whole bottle of oil in Raj’s pant.

Raj: Can’t you be careful.

Arun: Sorry man.

Arun dropped his cigarette and Raj’s pant caught fire.

Me: What the *beep*. How his pant did caught fire. From where did you bring this oil?

Arun: I took the bottle which was near motor.

Me: S*** man that’s petrol.

Raj: What? Petrol…

Raj fainted. After much hassle we finally set off the fire and removed his pants. We found his memory card in there.

Arun: What’s this?

We put the memory card in the cell phone to see what it was. Meanwhile Raj got up.

Arun: Oh s***.

Me: Wassup?

Arun: Look here. See what we’ve done last night.

Raj: Format it right away.

Arun: Don’t be a loser man.

Me: Ok then let’s have one last look at the pictures and then delete them.

Me, Arun and Raj: What the *Beep*.


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