What the *Beep* Part-12

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Movie Reviews

As soon as I saw Rabia I covered myself with the blanket and went inside.

Rabia: Raj, Kiska birthday hae aaj? (Raj, today whose birthday you were celebrating?)

Raj: Yes birthday.

Actually Raj was dumbstruck hearing Rabia speak.

Rabia: Kiska? (Whose?)

Seeing Rabia’s action…

Raj: My birthday. Yes, my birthday.

Rabia: Happy birthday Raj.

Raj: Thank you, thank you, thank you ….

Arun: It’s been half an hour since she went. What’s that in your hand?

Arun opened the tiffin box. It was biryani.

Arun: Wow biryani.

I came running from the room. Nothing can beat Muslims mutton biryani.

Arun: Hey Raj last Saturday you said that you won’t eat chicken.

Raj: Ya. But this is mutton.

We finished off the biryani in 44 seconds exactly.

As we didn’t have any entertainment in the college we slept during the college hours and watched movies at night.

We got internet connection because we didn’t want to run to the browsing center while results. As soon as we got the internet we did the same thing that every guy does.

Arun: Turn the speakers on. I want full effect.

Raj: No speakers. What if Rabia hears?

Arun: That’s your problem. Turn on the speakers.

Me: Don’t start fighting and spoil the mood. Have this ear phone.

Arun: Ok give it. Shall we start?

Raj: Wait, wait let me close all the doors, windows and switch off the lights.

Arun: Enough man. I’m going to start.

Arun played the video and we all were eagerly watching.

Arun: What the *beep* I’m not hearing anything.

Raj: Don’t be in a hurry, allow me to concentrate.

Suddenly Arun sprang on Raj and started punching him.

Me: What happened?

Arun: This b****** has removed the original sound and added ‘I’m a Barbie girl’ as BGM.

Raj: Ha ha just to make sure we don’t get caught.

I listened to the music. It was really funny to watch p*** with Barbie girl background.

We slept peacefully but Raj was making weird noise.

Me: Don’ come close to me. Shut the f*** up and sleep.

The whole semester went on like this. Thanks to internet. Our third semester results were terrible. My maximum mark in theory paper was 58. Arun cleared the previous arrear paper but again he had two arrears. Raj got 78% but was disappointed of not getting above 80.

The one good thing that happened to us was Mercy came to our class again for fourth semester and from fourth semester they started this concept called as re test. We used to fail in all the tests so we had re tests in the evening.

But re tests are not strictly invigilated so whenever Mercy comes I used to chat for the whole two hours.

One Friday we wrote our last re test. The next day was Valentine’s Day. All were busy deciding what colour to wear, black dress for the ones who don’t believe in love, blue for the ones who are single etc. But we were hardly bothered.

Mercy called me and asked me to come to Pasha. She said she had something very important to tell me. She sounded very excited. I could sense that from her voice.

Me: Dude I got to go. Mercy called me.

Arun: At this time? At least finish watching this movie.

Me: She asked me to come immediately dude.

Raj: Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Is she calling you to propose? God please don’t let this happen.

Me: Enough. By the way what’s Pasha?

Arun: I think it’s in the Park hotel. Will you get bus at this time?

Me: I’ll manage.

I went there about 11.50 PM. The place was awesome it had an amazing ambience. These rich people have different life altogether. But I was stunned because I didn’t know why I was called to such a place.

Then I saw her, each and every time I see her she continues to amaze me. She was perfect, yet again. Red dress, rubies. Perfect. Just perfect.

She asked me to close my eyes. I did the same.

Me: What’s the matter?

Mercy: Don’t open the eyes I’m feeling shy.

I couldn’t control my anxiety.

Mercy: I’m in love.

Me (mind voice): Did she just tell that to me.

I couldn’t believe my ears. I opened my eyes. I saw her blushing. It made her even more pretty.

Mercy: Yes Vikram I’m in love. I’m in love with Peter.

Me: What the *beep* who’s that Peter?

Mercy: What?

Me: I mean how did it happen?

Mercy: I saw him in church for the first time, the same church where my parents got married. I liked him at the very instant. She proposed to me today and I accepted. I’ve not told you something. I had a younger brother who passed away last year in a terrible accident that’s the reason why I went to my home for vacation. He was of your age.

Me: Oh ok.

Mercy: I think after marriage I’ll be going to Washington. I’ll miss this place badly and you too.

Me: Hmm

Mercy: What happened? You don’t seem excited. I don’t have anyone other than you hear so I thought I’ll give you a party. You are like my younger brother.

Me: Oh brother…Its ok I’ve some work I’m leaving.

Mercy: Why are you acting weird? Ok come I’ll drop you.

Me: It’s ok I’ll go on my own.

Saying so, I left that place without turning back.

I narrated the whole incident once I went back to the room. Instead of sympathizing with me these fellows started to laugh which annoyed me even more.

Raj: Mercy’s brother. Ha ha. Dude, chanceless.

Me: Ok enough stop it. Leave me alone.

Raj: Ha ha. Did you really think that Mercy will propose to you?  Over confidence dude.

Arun: Good one Raj.

Me: Shut the f*** up guys. Bye.

Raj: Oh my god I can’t control my laughter.

Arun: Dude, Vikram, look here. Why you are hanging your heads down. Be practical man. Did you really think that someone who’s as fascinating as Mercy who has a two ground duplex bungalow in boat house will love a middle class d*** head like you in spite of being younger than her?

Me: Whatever.


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