What the *Beep* Part-11

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Movie Reviews

New Year was around the corner. We thought of celebrating it in a grand manner but to our astonishment we were given Christmas holidays. So we all went home after a period of four months. The good thing about staying away from home is one gets a lot of respect while going home.

I was welcomed in a whole hearted manner. I wouldn’t have got the same respect if I had been a day scholar.

Ten days at home went very well. As our batch had a yearly pattern we had exams in April. Except Maths and English I didn’t do any exams well. The same applied to Arun and Raj also.

The worst thing about Anna University is that they don’t announce an exact date for exam results so every now and then we get a message stating “results are out”. We had to hurry to the nearest browsing center to check our results. We lost around Rs.50 for browsing center in that period.

The day came when the results were out.

Raj: S***, seems the results are out. Run

We all ran to our nearest browsing center.

Raj: Ok whose result first? I won’t enter my number first.

Arun: Even I’m not going to enter my number.

Me: Do hell with you guys. Ok enter my number.

Raj entered my number. It took around 2 minutes for the page to get opened. I was no way worried about my percentage; I only saw the last column. All P’s.

Me: Whoa.

Arun: Bloody b****** you’ve cleared all the subjects.

Raj: Congrats man.

Arun: Ok Raj next you.

Me: 87, 84, 98 and 100 in chemistry lab. You f***** you said you’ll fail in chemistry

Arun: That’s theory man.

Me: Let’s see how much you’ve got in theory. 78. You a******.

Next it was Arun’s turn. The page opened slowly.

Me: P, P, P, P, P, oops F.

Raj’s face turned pale.

Raj: Sorry man.

Arun: Don’t be sympathetic. Its ok I’ll clear next time.

Raj: Arun lets apply for reevaluation. Only six more marks you will get it.

Arun: It’s ok, leave it.

Suddenly they both became close. I didn’t have anything to say.

The third semester was a drag because there was no Mercy instead our Maths teacher was a 57 year old NaliniSubramanium. All the guys were disappointed.

But that didn’t mean I lost contact with her. I continued going to her house.

One evening as I went to her house suddenly Mercy splattered a full chocolate cake on my face. I didn’t know what was happening. Then Mercy along with her servants sang a birthday song for me.

Mercy: Surprise surprise…

Me: But how did you come to know about my birthday, even my roommates don’t know.

Mercy: I’m supposed to know the birthday of my favourite student. (She winked). I got it from college register.

She took me to the terrace and asked me to wait there. She again came with a chocolate cake. With no lights around she lit the candles in the cake which made her face dazzle more than the diamonds that she was wearing. She was fabulous that day with a full length black gown. I wondered why she didn’t become a model.

Then we both dined in her terrace, under the pergola, red wine, candle light dinner. Can it get better than this? But I was wrong. It got better than that. She presented me an IPod Touch. Being a huge Apple fan I got elated. I couldn’t control my excitement as it was my first present in my life. Without my knowledge I hugged her.

Only after a while I realized that I’ve done a mistake. She stared at me for 10 seconds without speaking a word. We could hear each other’s heartbeat. Much to my relief she gave her trademark smile. It was a day to be remembered. The dinner was sumptuous and as I had it with her it was even more special.

I went to my room very happily and showed them my ITouch.

Raj: What the *Beep*. IPhone?

Arun: F**** you’ve got ITouch. You didn’t tell me.

Me: Mercy presented me.

Arun: But why?

Me: It’s my birthday.

Arun: You b***** you didn’t tell us.

Me: I don’t usually celebrate my birthday dude I don’t like all the fuss about birthday.

Arun: Oh you don’t like the fuss.  You’ve to get the punishment dude. You’ve to.

Arun pushed me in the bathroom and closed the door.

Arun: I’ll call every one of our friends. Raj you go buy cake.

After some time there were around eight people in our room.

Arun: Raj, Where is the cake?

Raj: Has the prices of cake gone up. No cake was available for Rs.50. So I brought this.

Arun: So you brought a bun. F*** you man.

Raj: Its ok, make it fast. Only half an hour more for the day to end.

They unlocked the door. As soon as I came out all of them started to strip me and gave me birthday bumps.

Then it was cake cutting ceremony, sorry bun cutting ceremony. A bun surrounded by 19 matchsticks. I blew off the matchsticks and cut the bun with a blade.

Again they started to hit me and made me eat the bun in one go.

I somehow escaped and went to terrace where the old lady saw me. Arun and others came running towards me. She frowned and slapped the door. Rabia was seeing from the window so to show off his heroism Raj again started his assault.

We finally settled in our room. Only after that I realized I was wearing nothing and that was the reason for the old lady to frown.

Arun: So how was the party Vikram.

Me: You %$#&%

I couldn’t get up as I was severely punchered.

Raj: Beware of us. From next time don’t even try to hide anything from us.

Then it was time to tell the whole Mercy story to them. As usual they listened as if I was preaching them slokas.

Arun: Did you actually hug her man. She’s our Maths teacher buddy.

I blushed.

Raj: You god damn m***** f***** I haven’t even seen Rabia’sface . You…

Raj again started to hit me. I couldn’t protest as I was very week.

Someone was standing at the door. It was Rabia. She was smiling seeing Raj giving me punches.


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