What the *Beep* Part-10

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Movie Reviews

Days were pleasant from then on; I used to go to Mercy’s house directly from my college that too in her bike. Days went by and we rarely discussed Euler’s theorem. After some point of time we even forgot about it. Going to her house everyday became part of my time table.

Raj: Man its 10:30 why are you coming here? You better stay there itself.

Me: I wish I could.

Arun: What’s up with your Euler’s theorem?

Me: Hah we are not even opening the book nowadays.

Next day at college it was again the same Maths period.

Vinoo: Did you complete Chemistry record?

Me: Who cares?

Vinoo: Enough of seeing her. Look at me.

Me: Why don’t they have Maths lab.

Vinoo (shouted): Mam Vikram wants Maths lab.

The whole class laughed that made her blush. Even though I shouted at Vinoo it felt great. It feels great when a girl laughs for your joke.

Vinoo: Dude I heard that you’re spending all the evenings with her. Is it not enough for you?

Me: As you said I’m not going to settle. Excellence dude, excellence. You asked me to strive for excellence. That’s what I’m doing.

Vinoo: What do you do daily with her man?

Me: Ha ha that’s between us.

Vinoo: You know a thing? From my experience I’m saying this. The toughest girl to woo is the one who is elder to you. You’ve done that so I’m very proud of you.

Me: Enough of praising man. Don’t you know that I don’t like people praising me?

Arun: Vikram, here, take this bag home. I’m going to Ritu’s house, it’s her birthday tomorrow. I’d like to surprise her.

Me: What? To her house, how is that possible?

Arun: Why not? You’re going to Mercy’s house daily.

Me: But she’s staying alone. Independent blabla.

Arun: Even she’ll be alone today. Parents are going out.

Me: You lucky b****** you want me to buy anything special from medical shop?

Arun: Thanks for the love dude. I’ll handle.

Raj: I don’t know what type of girl she is. She hugged you on the first meet. Better be careful.

Arun: As far as I know it’s only me in her life. Ok I’ll leave straight from lab. Bye.

Saying so, he went to lab. It was chemistry lab that day for me. Gabriel checked if all the records were complete. As usual I hadn’t finished. He didn’t allow me to go home that evening without finishing so even Raj didn’t go as he’ll be alone.

As it was Friday I didn’t go to Mercy’s room. Raj and I went to our room at about 9’o clock. Arun was already there.

Me: How come you already here? Were all the medical shops closed?

Raj: Poor fellow. When did you come back?

Arun: Seven

Raj: Oh so soon. Did you buy anything for us?

Arun: You (*&(*^ (^*(&% )(^(*& I’m sitting here worried and all you care about is your god damn dinner.

Raj: Why the hell is he shouting at me man? What’s wrong with him?

Me: Chill… Arun, look here what happened?

Arun: All girls are )(*&^ )^)(& )(*.

He went on bashing for 30 seconds.

Me: Now why this hatred about girls?

Arun: She kissed someone.

Me: Oh oh. My bad.  Lip to lip eh?

Arun: No! cheeks.

Me: High class man, happens.

Arun: I don’t give a damn.

Me: Wait you like girls who’re social etc etc. Why suddenly you turned into a chauvinist?

Arun: But I can’t bloody accept my girl to kiss someone in public and that too the one I hate.

Me: You hate? Do you mean that you know the guy?

Arun: It was Vinoo.

Arun didn’t like Vinoo from the first day and this incident made things much more worse.

Arun: I want to get drunk.

Raj: Ok get drunk.

Me: Have you gone nuts? Are you going to become Devdas?

Arun: No I’d like to forget that. Don’t talk about that hereafter. Come let’s get drunk.

Me: Ok but I haven’t planned anything. Where to go? What to do?

Arun: It’s ok for once, let’s do something without planning.

We all went to Lion’s den, a bar near our house. As for the name it was really dark. Even waiters face was not visible properly. We took our seat and a dementor like figure came to us and gave us a menu card.

Kingfisher            Rs.150

Fosters                  Rs.250

Heineken              Rs.250

Budweiser            Rs.250

Carlsberg              Rs.250

Raj: What’s the problem with these guys? Why don’t they install a couple of tube lights? I don’t know whether I’m eating cauliflower or cockroach.

I took the menu card and ordered three kingfisher as it was the cheapest of the lot.

Me: Guy’s we are going to become men.

Raj: Yeah….

Arun: Cheers…

We all took our first sip.

Raj: Yuck

Me: S*** it’s awful.

Raj and I could only drink half a mug. Raj settled for side dishes and i settled the bill. I didn’t think drinking would become such a terrible experience.

Me: Arun, are you ok?

Arun: Nothing is happening man. I’m fine.

We then saw the alcohol percentage. It was just 4.7

Raj: Huh even cough syrups will be have higher alcohol percentage than this.

Me: Ok let’s drink cough syrup next time.

Arun: Guys I’m hungry

Raj: That’s why I asked about food.

Me: It’s 12:30 have this biscuit and sleep.

We went to our room and slept for 14 hours.


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