The day that is still fresh in my memory

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Movie Reviews

I remember the day when I played my first leather ball cricket match. I was 10 then. I don’t even remember whether I was put into cricket coaching or I joined it willingly. But I do remember one thing. I was given the ball because my dad was sitting next to my coach asking him to hand over the ball to me.

I was just another shy guy standing in third man (This is considered the most shameful position during cricket coaching days so the one who never mingles with the team ends up in that position). I was standing there and looking at the match. I didn’t know what was going on. I only knew one thing. If you bat you gotta block. If you bowl you gotta hit the stick.

Yes Block the ball and hit the stick were my only mantra. I’m using the word ‘block’ intentionally. Right from then my only aim has been to block and not hit. Again I don’t know how that stuck to me. Ok let me continue with the story.

As I was thrown the ball I came on to bowl. The umpire asked me guard. 10 of my teammates were staring at me. My dad was too happy that I got the ball. I didn’t know what to tell. I just blabbered, right arm over the wicket off spin. Over the wicket because I heard a couple of guys saying it because everyone were right hander’s that time and coaches advise us to bowl over the wicket . I used the word spin coz I was standing 45 degree to the stump. Off-spin i don’t know why I said that. So I got the ball told the guard and came on to ball.

Like every fairy tale I delivered the ball. (Imagine everything in slow motion) I delivered the ball in a typical leg spinner’s fashion. Back of the hand towards me. But the ball did hit the 5th stick line. Spun quite dangerously hit the middle wicket and gone. For a moment I couldn’t hear a sound, then the whole team came up to me and gave me hi-fi.

Till my 5th standard I used to be very good in my studies. But that moment, just hitting the stick once gave me such happiness that I haven’t got anything like that till then. Now you may think a hero was born. That was what didn’t happen. I was quite a hero then, got to play with all college guys.

One of the trainers there, Mustafa, was so hopeful of making me a cricketer. Another old man who used to sit near nets used to call me daily and ask my name. Yes daily. I would tell my name and he’d say,” People with your name won’t die without achieving something”. Everything sounds like a movie right. Yes it sounds the same for me too. I don’t know why he used to call me daily and ask my name. But the moment I tell my name and come away from him I used to forget that old man.

Now all of a sudden I’m thinking of that old man again and again. Was it an omen that I should be associated with cricket? I think, YES. Cricket does mean a lot to me. And cricket should be my life. I don’t know in what means I’m going to be associated with cricket. But when I do I’ll proudly show this article and say, “it just didn’t happen out of the blue. I knew it would happen”.

There is no point in saying ‘Would’ve’,’ could’ve’, ‘should’ve’ after all it only implies ‘didn’t’, ’didn’t’, ‘didn’t’ respectively.

  1. lokesh says:

    u r way of narrating reminds me of CB da….telling right frm heart!!!!..keep going->>>…i expect more with catchy phrases where a normal man understandin yet something to explore frm…..

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