Rahul Dravid, second to none.

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Movie Reviews
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I’ve been waiting to write an article about The Wall from time immemorial. What better time to write it for his farewell. I myself don’t know from when I started to like this guy, for that instance I even don’t know when I got interested in cricket. Cricket just became a part of life for me.

Rahul Dravid the man who has faced highest number of balls in test cricket history. Has stayed at the crease for the highest number of time. As Harsha Bhogle rightly said, “A man who bats for living” is second only to Sachin Tendulkar, the god of cricket. Yes, SECOND ONLY in bold.

After his animated celebration after scoring a century against the English, people started saying that he celebrated the century because if he had not scored here he’d have lost his place in the test team. Sometimes people can be real funny. Can they imagine a house without a fence? Similarly a team without wall is totally foolish.

I know the reason why he celebrated that day. It was just for the five runs he got more than what he got during his debut. The day he made his debut he played against a fierceful bowling attack. He nicked the ball to keeper. He couldn’t get a century. If we watch replays, we could sense how much he was disappointed on that day. And also his 95 got overshadowed because of Sourav’s 131. From that day he got this second only tag for himself. After that match headlines would have been something like “Dravid scored a brilliant 95 second only to Sourav’s 131”

After sometime it was “Dravid played quite awesomely at Eden scoring 155 second only to his teammate’s 283”.Then “second only to Sourav’s 183”.”Second only to Sachin’s 186”.Arguably he might be considered as the best batsmen now second only to Sachin. But many don’t know that he’s the one to have figured in highest number of partnerships.

The second only curse will remain with him forever. Yesterday once again in his final innings he made a good knock of 69 second only to Kohli’s heroics but I don’t give a damn. He’s MY GOD. He’s saved India many a times even when the “God” failed to do so. Only the people who are there in the second place will have the zeal in them to become first. These firsts have achieved everything. They don’t have anything to aim for it from then. That’s why I liked Nadal too. I don’t know how he plays, volley player or athlete. But he was second and wanted to become first forever n he did it.

I’d like to quote what a hoarding read on yesterday match ”Sachin is the god of cricket, Ganguly is next to the god on offside, Laxman is the god of 4th innings, but when the doors of temple are closed even the gods are behind the wall.

I love these second only players and I second it.


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